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  • Online Advanced Professional Skills Certificate

Online Advanced Professional Skills Certificate

Online Advanced Professional Skills Certificate

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What is an Advanced Professional Skills Undergraduate Certificate?

An Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Skills can strengthen your core communication and interpersonal skills, which may improve your employability or advance your career. The certificate is offered through the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences with the support of the KU Edwards Campus and is 100% online. The certificate is designed for current KU and non-KU students wanting to further develop in-demand professional skills including employability, interpersonal management, workplace success and more. Hone your professional skills to start or advance your career.

What advanced professional skills will I learn?

With demand high for qualified candidates entering the workforce, earning an online Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Skills can help further develop in-demand employability skills. Learn a variety of professional skills including job searching, professional career management, preparation for healthcare careers and more to either gain employment or advance your current career.

What skills will I learn with a professional skills certificate?

Is the online advanced professional skills certificate right for you?

This online certificate program is designed for students entering the workforce or advancing their current career. Learn the foundations of advanced professional skills from experts with real-world experience and join a powerful network of established alumni in a variety of industries, including international business, health care and more.

How is the online program structured?

The certificate is awarded after successful completion of 12 credit hours. The online Advanced Professional Skills Certificate will be comprised of six credit hours of in-demand skill development courses and six credit hours of career management courses.

online certificate for professional studies

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Why choose the KU online Advanced Professional Studies Certificate?


  • 100% Online
  • Finish certificate as stand-alone credential
  • Asynchronous course format


  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • Globally recognized academics
  • In collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow
  • Teaches specific skills to advance your career
  • Courses designed for a range of industries

Download the program guide Download guide


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