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  Spring: December 15
  Summer: May 15
  Fall: August 1
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Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Biological Sciences

Admissions criteria

The admissions requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Biological Sciences include:

  1. 24 or more transferable credit hours
  2. GPA of 2.5 or higher
  3. International students must also meet the English proficiency, visa/I20, and financial support documentation.


Curriculum and requirements

The Bachelor’s degree in Applied Biological Sciences requires students to complete 120 hours of coursework.


General Science Requirements


Credit Hr.

KU Code

MATH 356: Elementary Statistics or  PSYC 210: Statistics in Psychological Research or BIOL 570: Into Biostatistics


MATH 365 or PSYC 210 or BIOL 570

General Chemistry I


CHEM 130

General Chemistry II


CHEM 135

Organic Chemistry I


CHEM 330

Organic Chemistry I Lab


CHEM 331

Organic Chemistry II


CHEM 335

Calculus I & II or MATH 125: Calculus I


MATH 115 and 116 or MATH 125

College Physics I & II or General Physics I and General Physics II


PHSX 114 and 115 or PHSX 211+216 and PHSX 212+236


Applied Biological Sciences Requirements


Credit Hr.

KU Code

Principles of Molecular & Cell Biology


BIOL 150

Principles of Organismal Biology


BIOL 152

Introductory Biology Lab for STEM Majors2BIOL154
Exploring Careers3BSCI 315

Principles of Genetics


BSCI 350

Fundamentals of Microbiology


BSCI 400

Fundamentals of Microbiology Lab


BSCI 401

Laboratory in Genetics


BSCI 405

Cell Structure & Function


BSCI 416

Molecular Biology Lab


BSCI 430

Capstone 11BSCI 598

Capstone 2


BSCI 599

Biochemistry, Lectures


BSCI 600

Principles of Biochemistry Lab


BSCI 601

General Biology Electives (12 hours)

Students choose 12 credit hours of 400-level and above BSCI courses, including two hours of a seminar/topics course (BSCI 419, 420, 421, 701). No more than three hours of BSCI, 423 Non-Lab Independent Study and/or BSCI 424 Independent Study (combined) can be applied towards the elective requirement.

KU Core

The KU Core is the university-wide curriculum that all incoming students will fulfill as part of their degree, in addition to degree-specific and major requirements. Completion of an AA degree at a Kansas community college satisfies KU Core goals 1-3. For more information, visit KU Core.


Critical Thinking & Quantitative Literacy 2 Units

GE11: Critical Thinking (Will be met by major requirements)

GE12: Quantitative Literacy (Will be met by major requirements)


Communication 3 Units

GE21: Written Communication 1

GE21: Written Communication 2

GE22: Oral Communication (Public Speaking recommended)


Breadth of Knowledge 3 Units

GE3H: Arts and Humanities

GE3N: Natural Sciences with lab (Will be met by major requirements)

GE3S: Social Sciences (Intro to Psychology recommended)


Culture and Diversity 2 Units

AE41: Human Diversity (Sociology recommended)

AE42: Global Culture/Awareness


Social Responsibility and Ethics 1 Unit

AE51: One course


Integration and Creativity 1 Unit

AE61: Analyzing and Combining Ideas (Will be met with BSCI 599)

Please see the program advisor for additional details.


Renee Williams
MS Ed , Academic Success Coach