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  Spring: January 15 (apply by November 1 for scholarship consideration)
  Summer: May 28
  Fall: August 19 (apply by February 1 for scholarship consideration)


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Admissions requirements

The admissions requirements for the B.A./B.G.S. in Psychology requires admission to the University of Kansas.

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• Submit an official transcript from each college you have attended.
• Read more about university admission requirements.

Curriculum and requirements

A degree in psychology requires the completion of:

·  37 credit hours, including 10 hours of core knowledge and skills courses, 3 hours of diversity, equity and ethical behavior courses and 24 hours of electives.

·  30 residency hours at KU

Core Courses (10 hours)


Credit Hr.

KU Code

Orientation Seminar in Psychology 


PSYC 102

General Psychology


General Psychology, Honors


PSYC 104


PSYC 105

Research Methods in Psychology


Research Methods in Psychology, Honors


PSYC 200


PSYC 201

Statistics in Psychological Research         


Statistics in Psychological Research, Honors


PSYC 210


PSYC 211        


Diversity, Equity and Ethical Behavior Options (3 hours)

Choose one of the following:

Stereotyping and Prejudice Across Cultures


PSYC 465

Psychology and Social Issues


PSYC 492

Culture and Psychology


PSYC 545

Psychological Significance of Physical Illness and Disability


PSYC 592

Five PSYC 300-level Courses (15 hours)

Majors must complete 15 hours of PSYC courses numbered 300 or higher. Course offerings each semester can include but are not limited to:

  • PSYC 318 – Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 333 – Child Development
  • PSYC 350 – Psychological Disorders
  • PSYC 360 – Social Psychology
  • PSYC 390 – Psychology of Aging


Psychology Required Electives (9 hours)

Majors must complete 9 hours, at least 6 of these hours must be completed with courses numbered 300 or higher. Students are encouraged to take PSYC 483- Undergraduate Internship Psychology or PSYC 480 Independent Study (research lab experience)- to fulfill elective hours.

Additional Degree Requirements

Additionally, students must complete the university’s bachelor's degree requirements, including:

·  Minimum of 120 total hours

·  45 hours at the junior-/senior-level (300-level and above)

•  Completion of KU Core requirements

The Bachelor of Arts requires proficiency in one non-English language through the fourth level, or completion of three levels of a non-English language, and an additional first level of another non-English language. The Bachelor of General Studies requires a secondary area of study, most commonly by completing an approved minor with at least 18 credit hours, as well as the completion of a career preparation course such as PSYC 484 Classroom to Career. 

More information on each course is available in the course catalog.

The KU Edwards Campus also offers a psychology minor. Visit our minors page to learn more.

Contact the program advisor for more information. 


Alyson Germinder
Academic Success Coach