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Bachelor of Social Work

Advancement Requirements

After admitted and before enrolling in SW professional courses (500+ level), students must complete the BSW Advancement Review. Students can begin this online process after being admitted to KU.

Given the extenuating circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the following BSW Advancement Review is in place for Fall 2021.

For BSW students to advance in the Program and into 500 level coursework they must complete the following:

If all of the above criteria are met, students are successfully advanced into 500 level coursework.

Students have until July 31, 2021, to complete required courses and/or provide (1) letter of recommendation.  Should advancement criteria not be met by the deadline, students will be administratively dropped from 500 level Social Work classes.

Should a student’s cumulative GPA be below a 2.5 and between 2.25 and 2.49, the student may advance and will be on probation for the fall semester.  If at the end of the fall semester the cumulative GPA is not at or above a 2.5, the student will be dismissed from the BSW Program.

In cases of a felony record or reference letters noting Recommend with Reservations or Do Not Recommend, students may not advance to 500 level coursework until a review is conducted and approved by the BSW Program Director, Director of Field Education, and Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

To apply

Curriculum and requirements

Degree requirements

  • 120 total hours of course work including 10 hours of field practicum
    • 51 Social Welfare hours including SW 220 or equivalent
    • 41 hours of general education requirements
    • 28 hours of electives
  • KU cumulative grade-point average of 2.5 or higher
  • Grade-point average of 2.5 in required social work courses
  • 30 hours in residence at KU in final year
  • 69 general education hours


Required Courses

40 credit hours


Credit Hr.

KU Code

ENGL 101: Composition


ENGL 101

ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing


ENGL 102

Additional English Course: ENGL 203, 209, 210 or 211


ENGL 203, 209, 210 or 211

COMS 130: Speaker-Audience Communication


COMS 130

MATH 101: College Algebra
or LA&S 108: Personal Numeracy


MATH 101
or LA&S 108

HUM 204: Western Civilization I or HUM 205: Western Civilization II


HUM 204 or 205

Intercultural requirement (KU Core Goal 4.2)


See for details

ABSC 160: Child Behavior & Development or PSYC 333: Child Development


ABSC 160 or PSYC 333

BIOL 100/102: Biology and Lab


BIOL 100/102

ECON 104: Economics
or ECON 142: Microeconomics


ECON 104
or ECON 142

POLS 110: U.S. Politics


POLS 110

PSYC 104: Psychology


PSYC 104

SOC 104: Sociology


SOC 104

SW 220: Social Work, Social Welfare and U.S. Society


SW 220


48 credit hours

Elective Courses

28 credit hours

You may use your electives to pursue a minor in another field.

Year 1


SW 530 Introduction to Theory for Multi-level Social Work (3)

SW 540 Introduction to Social Work Research (3)

SW 555 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Social Work Practice (3)


SW 510 Introduction to Social Work Practice: Interviewing Skills (1.5)

SW 512 Skills-based Policy/Advocacy (1.5)

SW 534 Introduction to Social Policy & Advocacy (3)

Topics: Choose any (2) Mini Courses:

SW 570 Centering on Decolonization in Social Work (1.5)

SW 571 Responding to Suicide & Self Harm (1.5)

SW 572 Substance Use (1.5)

SW 573 Intergenerational & Historical Trauma (1.5)

Year 2


SW 600 Field Preparation & Seminar (1)

SW 601 Field Practicum (5)

SW 610 Social Work Practice: Engaging and Assessing Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations & Communities (3)

SW 622 Human Rights and Social, Economic & Environmental Justice (3)

Topics: Choose any two Mini Courses

SW 634 Child Welfare: Protecting Children, Strengthening Families (1.5)

SW 63X Gender & Sexual Diversity (1.5)

SW 63X International Social Work/Social Work with Immigrant Populations (1.5)

SW 63X Criminal Legal System (1.5)



SW 600 Field Preparation & Seminar (1)

SW 601 Field Practicum (5)

SW 612 Social Work Practice: Intervening and Evaluating Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations & Communities (3)

SW 623 Professional Issues: Capstone Course (3)

Topics: Choose any (2) Mini Courses

SW 63X Dismantling White Supremacy/White Fragility in Social Work (1.5)

SW 63X Financial Capability & Social Work (1.5)

SW 63X Gender-based Violence (1.5)

SW 63X Grant Writing & Program Development (1.5)



Amea Chandler