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  • Spring: December 15

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Admissions criteria

1. Admission to the University of Kansas.

(Apply online)

2. Official transcript from each college you have attended

3. 60 credit hours, including foundational courses in math, science and computing

4. GPA of 2.0 in all coursework

See University admission requirements.


Bachelor of Science Required Courses

KU Core

The KU Core is the university-wide curriculum that all incoming students will fulfill as part of their degree, in addition to degree-specific and major requirements. Completion of an AA degree or AS degree at a Kansas community college satisfies KU Core goals 1-3. For more information, visit:

Critical Thinking & Quantitative Literacy | 2 Units
GE11: Critical Thinking (Will be met by major requirements)
GE12: Quantitative Literacy (Will be met by major requirements)

Communication | 3 Units
GE21: Written Communication 1
GE21: Written Communication 2
GE22: Oral Communication (e.g. COMS 130)

Breadth of Knowledge | 3 Units
GE3H: Arts and Humanities
GE3N: Natural Sciences with lab (Will be met by major requirements)
GE3S: Social Sciences (Will be met by major requirements)

Culture and Diversity | 2 Units
AE41: Human Diversity 
AE42: Global Culture/Awareness

Social Responsibility and Ethics | 1 Unit
AE51: One course (Will be met by ITEC 450)

Integration and Creativity | 1 Unit
AE61: Analyzing and Combining Ideas (Will be met with Capstone I course, ITEC 490)

Curriculum and requirements

Classes meet online to fit in the busy schedules of working professionals. 

BSIT Required Courses

Mathematics and Science
MATH 101: College Algebra (meets KU Core goal GE1.2)
EECS 210: Discrete Structures I
EECS 210: Discrete Structures II
MATH 365: Statistics
PHSX 114: Physics with Lab (meets KU Core goal GE1.1)

Business and Management
MGMT 305: Survey of Management
ITEC 380: Managing IT Projects
ENGL 362: Technical Writing

General Electives
General Elective 1
General Elective 2

IT Prerequisites
See advisor: Programming Fundamentals
EECS 168: Programming Algorithms
EECS 268: Data Structures C++
See advisor: Database Management
See advisor: Unix Scripting and Utilities

Required IT Major Courses:


Credit Hr.

KU Code

ITEC 310: Computer Org. & Platform Technologies


ITEC 310

ITEC 320: System & Network Administration


ITEC 320

ITEC 330: Web Systems and Technologies


ITEC 330

ITEC 340: Computer & Information Security


ITEC 340

ITEC 342: Information Security Management


ITEC 342

ITEC 380: Managing IT Projects

3ITEC 380

ITEC 410: Software Engineering & Management


ITEC 410

ITEC 416: System Integration and Architecture


ITEC 416

ITEC 420: Operating Systems


ITEC 420

ITEC 422: Computer Networks


ITEC 422

ITEC 430: Human-Computer Interaction


ITEC 430

ITEC 450: Social and Professional Issues


ITEC 450

ITEC 490: IT Capstone I


ITEC 490

ITEC 492: IT Capstone II


ITEC 492

Senior IT Electives



Transfer students

Former KU students not currently enrolled at KU

Complete an application for readmission to the University.

Transfer Credit

  • A maximum of 64 hours from community or junior colleges count within the minimum cumulative credit hour requirement.
  • Only transfer grades of C or higher count toward KU degree requirements.
  • Courses graded credit/no-credit or pass/fail are not accepted.
  • Visit KU’s transfer credit website to ensure your transfer credits will count toward the KU degree.

Graduation Requirements

  • 120-credit-hour minimum – In addition to major requirements, students must complete the KU Core, KU’s general education curriculum for undergraduates, as well as electives
  • 45 credits must be junior/senior-level, with at least 30 junior/senior-level in residence at KU*
  • All curriculum degree requirements must be met (see Degree Progress Report)
  • A cumulative overall GPA of 2.00 (KU + transfer GPA)
  • A cumulative KU GPA of 2.00

*Note: Students will earn 48 junior/senior level credits with the required ITEC curriculum.

Please see the program advisor for additional details.


Jenny Parr
Academic Success Coach
Office: 913-897-8518, Appointments: 913-897-8539