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  • On-Campus and Online Organizational Communication Graduate Programs

On-Campus and Online Organizational Communication Graduate Programs

Organizational Communication

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Explore the human side of business – communicating to clarify, connect and inspire

Professionals in every field today must be skilled at communicating across boundaries and uniting people around big new ideas and business imperatives. The field of organizational communication offers these valuable insights.

Developing an advanced understanding of how communication and workplace relationships fuel organizational culture, team productivity and managerial effectiveness will help you navigate the twists and turns of your career, whether you work in human resources, marketing, or engineering – especially as you advance into management and leadership positions.

Along the way, being able to offer advanced insights about clarifying, connecting, and inspiring diverse groups of employees and customers through communication will help you become a trusted advisor for peers, company leaders and clients. Whether you are planning for a role change, looking to transition back into the workforce after taking care of family, or simply looking to share your expertise with others, advanced communication knowledge can help you transition within and across multiple industries and professions over the long term.

What can a master’s degree focused on organizational communication do for my career?

Acquiring organizational communication expertise will make you a trusted advisor with the skills to address some of today’s biggest workplace communication challenges:

  • Effectively building trust, prevent conflict across diverse teams and departments
  • Identifying the management communication issues driving low employee engagement
  • Leading a global team on a complex organizational change project
  • Increasing retention of a diverse workforce with inclusive team communication practices
  • Building effective onboarding programs for new hires and promotions
  • Distilling survey findings into a presentation or report to address the concerns of multiple stakeholders or audiences, from marketing to finance and manufacturing
  • Leveraging the power of social networks to successfully launch new internal initiatives, products

What industries need experts in organizational communication?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026, communication occupations are projected to grow 6 percent, resulting in 43,200 new jobs.

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What industries need experts in organizational communication?

Is a communication studies graduate degree right for you?

KU organizational communication graduate students are mid-career corporate, government and small business professionals seeking answers to big questions about workplace culture and employee engagement. Professionals in the organizational communication program focus on the human side of business, tackling today’s most challenging – and interesting – issues related to workplace diversity, team development, managing workplace complexity and organizational change.

Here are three of our recent alumni:

Tara Saylor

Tara Saylor

Cerner, Internal Communication

Spencer Cramer

Spencer Cramer

Black & Veatch, Database Administration

Max Hobbs

Max Hobbs

St. Luke’s Hospital (Utah), Health Care Marketing

What are the available KU communication studies graduate programs in Kansas City?

The KU Edwards Campus offers a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication, as well as a four-course graduate certificate in workplace communication.

Courses are taught online in the evenings via live weekly webconferences supplemented with online class videos and assignments – providing the convenience of online with the personal connection of the (virtual) classroom.

View the program options below and download a program guide for details on career paths, admissions information, tuition and more. 

Masters degree in communications
organizational communication
Workplace Commuinication certificate

Why start an organizational communication program at KU?


  • Online web conference-based, evening courses
  • Graduate certificate option (four courses)
  • MetroKC tuition rate available for Missouri students


  • Instruction from expert faculty with PhDs in organizational communication
  • Faculty have average of 10+ years industry experience in corporate and government communication leadership
  • Partner with local organizations to address real-world communication challenges


  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow 
  • Gain advanced research-based knowledge & practical skills
  • Exchange ideas with fellow mid-career classmates

Download your communications graduate program guide.

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