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The School of Professional Studies at the Edwards Campus offers two online graduate programs--a master's degree in organizational communication and a four-course graduate certificate in professional workplace communication.

All four courses in the certificate count towards the master's degree for those who wish to pursue the full master's.

Tuition and fees
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MA Application deadlines:

Fall: Aug 7
Spring: January 12
Summer: May 1

Certificate Application deadlines:

Fall: August 7
Spring: Jan 12
Summer: May 1

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 The Johnson County Education Research Triangle (JCERT) helps support this program.

Online Master of Arts in Organizational Communication

Admissions criteria:

To apply for admission, the applicant must supply the following materials:

  1. Complete an online application. An application fee will be charged at the time of applying online. Applicants must pay the application fee with a credit card.
  2. Submit one copy of official transcripts of all previous college work, both undergraduate and graduate. Transcripts will be submitted online by the student, and the applicant must send an official sealed copy to the department at the address listed below.
  3. Submit three letters of recommendation from individuals in a position to comment meaningfully on the applicant's potential for graduate work. Individuals writing letters will be sent an e-mail from Slate with instructions to fill out an evaluation form and attach a copy of their letter to that.  These items will be uploaded to the student's account when complete.
  4. Submit online a two to three page statement of purpose letter indicating the importance of your goals and academic interests and how these goals and interests relate to workplace communication dynamics. If there are faculty members whose research/teaching you find particularly interesting, please list them at the conclusion of your statement.
  5. Submit online a resume or curriculum vita
  6. Submit a research writing sample

Applicants are evaluated on the overall strength of their materials based on a balance of the following criteria:  academic record as reflected in overall GPA and GPA in Organizational Communication or a related major; the degree to which the statement of purpose represents a sophisticated interest in studying organizational communication; the strength of recommendation letters; and the quality of the writing sample submitted by the student. The final decision is based on the overall strength of the application as reflected in all of the criteria listed.


Curriculum and course options

The Online Master of Arts in Organizational Communication requires students to complete 30 hours of coursework. At the completion of coursework, students can choose to do comprehensive exams or a capstone project.

NOTE: The two required courses for the master’s degree - PFS 850 and PFS 860 -- are typically offered on a two year rotation. These courses should be taken in the first semester available to you.

The Online MA in Organizational Communication degree is comprised of the following 30 credit hours that can be completed online and are taught in an asynchronous and synchronous format:

Required Courses: 12 credit hours     

CourseCredit Hr.

PFS 730 Writing and Speaking for Decision Makers OR
PFS 801 Interpersonal and Persuasive Communication Skills for Managers

PFS 810 Organizational Communication Strategies3
PFS 850 Interview-Based Research in Organizations3
PFS 860 Exploring Communication Theory3

Elective Options: 15 credit hours*

*Students may select 15 credit hours of the electives below or other departmentally approved courses. Students may opt to enroll in up to 6 credit hours of relevant course work from other disciplines.            

CourseCredit Hr.
PFS 821 Employee Onboarding and Role Development 3
PFS 823 Organizational Change and Communication3
PFS 825 Communication Practices for Inclusive Organizations3
PFS 827 Communication Ethics for Managers and Leaders3
PFS 829 Communicating Across Workplace Generations3
PFS 831 Case Studies in Organizational Communication3
PFS 833 Communication and Team Development3
PFS 835 Interpersonal Communication Skills at Work3
PFS 837 Communication Strategies for a Virtual Workforce3
PFS 839 Conflict Dynamics in Organizations3
PFS 741 Intercultural Communication in Organizations3
PFS 895 Independent Study in Organizational Communication1-3

Capstone/ Final Exam: 3 credit hours     

CourseCredit Hr.
PFS 898 Capstone Project in Organizational Communication3

*Students wishing to complete the final comprehensive exam must select any additional 3 hour elective course.


Online Graduate Certificate in Workplace Communication (12 hours)

Admissions requirements:

Individuals who are not already enrolled as KU graduate students must complete an application to the Graduate School for admission into the certificate program and submit an application fee along with the following materials:

  1. A Statement of Interest in the Professional Workplace Communication graduate certificate program. This 1-2 page narrative should summarize your education, employment history, your long-term career goals, and how this certificate will help you achieve these goals.
  2. Official undergraduate transcript.
  3. A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your academic work or qualified to offer judgment on your ability to undertake graduate-level work (former professor or instructor, workplace supervisor).

For current KU graduate students wishing to add this certificate to their program of study

Current KU graduate students wishing to enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Professional Workplace Communication program will apply through the Graduate School. A student must be in good standing with their graduate degree program in order to participate in the certificate program.

KU graduate students should submit the following materials:

  1. A Statement of Interest in the Professional Workplace Communication certificate program and its relationship to your graduate course of study.
  2. An unofficial copy of your KU transcript.
  3. A letter of support from your graduate degree program (your coach or program director).


Required Courses (6 hours)


Credit Hr.

KU Code

PFS 730: Writing & Speaking for Decision Makers


PFS 730

PFS 810: Organizational Communication Strategies


PFS 810


Elective Courses (6 hours, choose two; additional 930 electives are available and vary by semester)


Credit Hr.

KU Code

PFS 741: Intercultural Communication in Organizations 


PFS 741

PFS 821: Employee Onboarding and Role Development


PFS 821

PFS 823: Organizational Change and Communication


PFS 823

PFS 825: Communication Practices for Inclusive Organizations


PFS 825

PFS 827: Communication Ethics for Managers and Leaders


PFS 827

PFS 829: Communicating Across Workplace Generations


PFS 829

PFS 831: Case Studies in Organizational Communication


PFS 831

PFS 833: Communication and Team Development


PFS 833

PFS 835: Interpersonal Communication Skills at Work


PFS 835

PFS 837: Communication Strategies for a Virtual Workforce


PFS 837

PFS 839: Conflict Dynamics in Organizations


PFS 839



Jennifer Keleher-Price
Academic Success Coach