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  • Online Applied Community Health and Development Graduate Certificate

Online Applied Community Health and Development Graduate Certificate

community development degree online

Download your Applied Community Health and Development Program Guide Download guide

A specialization that changes lives

Community health and development is a vast field covering a wide variety of professions and disciplines, including public health, health education and health promotion, public policy and administration, urban planning and social welfare. These professions share the need to work with communities to develop and implement interventions that affect large-scale behavior change and improve a community’s quality of life. The emphasis of the training is on approaches to address the social determinants of health and environmental determinants of health. Skills for community health and development include:

  • Creating and maintaining coalitions and partnerships
  • Assessing community needs and resources
  • Analyzing problems and goals
  • Developing a framework or model of change
  • Developing strategic and action plans
  • Building leadership
  • Developing an intervention
  • Increasing participation and membership
  • Enhancing cultural competence
  • Advocating for change
  • Influencing policy development
  • Evaluating the initiative
  • Implementing a social marketing campaign
  • Writing a grant application for funding
  • Improving organizational management and development
  • Sustaining the project or initiative

Where does community health fit within applied behavioral science careers?

A background in community health can help someone working in an applied behavioral science career learn how to apply behavioral science principles at the community and societal level. It helps support collaboration with community members and leaders to create contexts and design interventions that can affect behavior change, including substance abuse prevention, violence prevention, maternal and child health promotion, reductions in disparities in health care access and health care outcomes, and many other outcomes.

what can I do with a community health degree?

Is the online Applied Community Health and Development Certificate right for you?

KU’s Graduate Certificate in Applied Community Health and Development is designed for applied behavioral science students and professionals interested in advanced training that helps them in building healthy communities. Students admitted to the certificate program must be either regular KU graduate students or admitted as certificate-only students.

How is the online program structured?

You may complete the Applied Community Health and Development Certificate in only nine credit hours. The curriculum focuses on core aspects of community work: community assessment, strategic planning, intervention, evaluation, and sustainability. Courses are conducted online, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Explore the curriculumLearn more

Why a KU online graduate certificate?


  • Online courses
  • Finish in as little as one year
  • Finish certificate as stand-alone credential or as part of a master’s degree in applied behavioral science


  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • Globally recognized academics
  • Curriculum based on over 100 years of behavioral science research


  • Courses designed for applied behavioral science students and professionals
  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow
  • Teaches specific skills to advance your career

Download your Applied Community Health and Development guide Download guide

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Academic Success Coach
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