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Law and Society - Bachelors

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The path to your career starts here.

The KU bachelor’s degree in law and society is offered through the School of Public Affairs and Administration at KU. The degree requires completion of 30 hours (10 courses) in the major including five core LWS courses and five interdisciplinary elective courses from areas such as AAAS, AMS, PSYC, PUAD, SOC, and WGSS related to law and society.  

Core Courses

LWS 330: Introduction to Law & Society
Offers an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of law & society. Surveys the role of law in social processes and the influence of these processes on law and introduces alternative theoretical perspectives on these processes.

LWS 332: Methods in Law & Society
Surveys the various methods used in law & society research and prepares students to be sophisticated readers of basic socio-legal research, capable of evaluating the quality of the research design and methods.  Prepares students to participate as research assistants in original studies.

LWS 333: The Pursuit of Rights: Law, Democracy & Power
Examines how law and legal norms, particularly rights, support social and political institutions yet also may be used to challenge these institutions and foster change. Particularly examines the role of law in supporting but also challenging hierarchies of race, ethnicity and gender. Surveys major studies of these processes both domestically and across the globe.

LWS 643: Theoretical Foundations of Law & Society
Provides advanced examination of the major theoretical traditions in the field. Addresses classic as well as contemporary studies in these traditions and considers how these traditions may be applied to enhance understanding of current issues in the field.

LWS 699: Capstone in Law & Society
Integrates learning across the Law & Society curriculum with an applied, original research experience. Class topics rotate depending on faculty research agenda and current policy foci. Students gather and analyze data throughout the class and present their final work to a variety of audiences throughout the semester. The product is an original research presentation that advances knowledge.

View Elective Options

Electives: Students must select 5 courses (15 hours) from an interdisciplinary list of courses being taught throughout the University. Below are some examples of electives.

Law & Society:
LWS 691: Internship in Law & Society
LWS 692: Research Experience in Law & Society
LWS 694: Topics in Law & Society

Public Administration:
PUAD 333: Hard Choices in Public Administration
PUAD 432: Conducting the People’s Business Ethically
PUAD 433: Metro-politics and Macro-problems
PUAD 601: Crime and Punishment
PUAD 602: Diversity in Public Administration
PUAD 639: Concepts of Civil Society
PUAD 641: Public Service Leadership

African and African American Studies:
AAAS 306: The Black Experience in the U.S. Since Emancipation. 3 Hours. H.
AAAS 322: Legal Issues and the African American. 3 Hours. H.
AAAS 328: African American Urban Community and Class in the Midwest. 3 Hours. H.
AAAS 510: Comparative Racial and Ethnic Relations. 3 Hours. NW AE42 / S.
AAAS 511: The Civil Rights Movement. 3 Hours. H.
AAAS 611: History of the Black Power Movement. 3 Hours. H.

Applied Behavioral Science:
ABSC 437: Independent Living and People with Disabilities. 3 Hours. S
ABSC 441: Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Applied Behavioral Science. 3 Hours. S

American Studies:
AMS 320: Border Patrolled States. 3 Hours. H.
AMS 522: American Racial and Ethnic Relations. 3 Hours. S.
AMS 565: Gender, Culture, and Migration. 3 Hours. H.

PSYC 465: Stereotyping and Prejudice Across Cultures. 3 Hours. S
PSYC 492: Psychology and Social Issues. 3 Hours. S

SOC 304: Principles of Sociology. (3) SC/S
SOC 306: Principles of Social Problems. (3) SF / S.

Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies:
WGSS 563: Gender, Sexuality and the Law (3)  
WGSS 640: Politics of Reproductive Policy (3)
WGSS 653: Gender, War, and Peace (3)

In addition to these courses, students need to complete the university's requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of General Studies. These bachelor’s degree requirements include a minimum of 120 total credit hours, including 45 hours at the junior/senior level and completion of the general education requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The Bachelor of Arts requires proficiency in one foreign language through the fourth level. The Bachelor of General Studies requires the completion of an approved minor with at least 18 credit hours. 

Completion of the KU Core is also required for the degree. More information on each course is available in the course catalog. To see when each class is offered visit the KU Course Listings.

Contact the transfer program coordinator/advisor, Liz Barton, bartonliz@ku.edu, 913-897-8521 (outside of Lawrence) for more information.

Pursue Your Anything

Liz Barton
Academic Success​ Coach