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Knowledge Now: Performance-boosting insights from KU speakers

Bring Top-Notch Education Straight to Your Office

Sessions can be delivered remotely via Zoom or your preferred technology.

Offering educational opportunities and assistance creates more satisfied and engaged employees and ultimately improves the quality of the workforce.

Through the Knowledge Now speakers bureau, faculty from the University of Kansas Edwards Campus (KUEC) offer high-quality, onsite learning and professional development for employers in the Greater Kansas City metro area. In support of KUEC's ongoing efforts to address diverse workforce, economic and community needs, this robust speakers bureau offers training and education programs on applicable topics such as the following: 

Leadership, Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication in Action: Best Practices for Team Discussion and Decision-Making
  • Everyday Communication Strategies for Preventing and Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Communicating for Inclusion: Strategies for Engaging People Across Place and Cultures (including team and site-based sub-cultures)
  • Communication Practices for Effective Virtual (Telecommuting) Teams
  • Sales and Persuasive Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
  • Identifying and Leveraging Your Organization’s Informal Networks for Individual & Organizational Success
  • Managing Inter-organizational Collaboration: Communication Strategies for Successfully Engaging External Stakeholders
  • Say It Simply and Smartly – Effective Business Presentations
  • Telecommuting: How to Maintain Culture in a Remote Enterprise
  • The Five Organizational Tribes
  • Personal Leadership Branding
  • Crisis Communications

Health and Wellness

  • Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Finding Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Emotions in the Workplace
  • Addressing Trauma: What You Need to Know About Trauma and Trauma-informed Spaces
  • Health Care in the Era of the Replication Crisis: How Should Clinicians React?

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Bridging the Generations: How to Leverage Generational Diversity for Organizational Success
  • Mortar, Not Bricks: Human Relationships Make Organizations

Innovation, Creativity and Change Management

  • From the Bottom Up: Understanding Employees’ Needs When Communicating Organizational Change
  • Innovation: Survive or Thrive?
  • The Science of Setting Goals that Stick

Ethics, Policy and Regulation

  • Environmental Regulation and Policy
  • Incivility & Bullying in the Workplace: Prevention and Response Strategies for Targets, Bystanders & Managers
  • Negotiating Hierarchy: Recognizing and Managing Ageism, Classism and Rankism in the Workplace

Project Management

  • Using Earned Value on Real Projects
  • Bringing Metrics to Project Management
  • A Primer on Program Management


  • Recent Research into the Behavior of Pitched Wood Diaphragms (They don’t do what you think!)
  • Structural Issues in Building Envelope Systems
  • Cross-Laminated Timber – Material of the Present or Future?
  • Case Study: Four Story Assisted Living Facility Alleges Unacceptable Design and Construction Defects – What Can We Learn?

Data Analytics and IT

  • Database design
  • IT Project Structures


  • Vaccine Timing: Why wait Until 12-18 Months for That First MMR Shot?
  • Adaptive Immunity: Why Vaccines Work and Why We’ll Never Have One Against the Common Cold
  • Nature, Nurture and the Immune System: We’re Born With Nothin’ but Our Genes 

Environmental Assessment

  • Bathymetric and Sediment Studies of Siltation in Kansas Reservoirs
  • Compost as a Soil Amendment for Soil Remediation and Reestablishment of Native Vegetation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Law & Policy under the Trump Administration

Your first Knowledge Now session is complimentary if you meet the minimum qualified attendance requirement.

Interested in scheduling a session and learning more? Please fill out the form to share a little about your institution and choice of topics.

Learn More
“A big thank you to the KU Edwards Campus for offering Knowledge Now sessions for our IT and engineering Garmin associates! Professors Tim Johnson and Hossein Saiedian presented on topics that were tailored to enhance the knowledge of our associates in their respective fields. The sessions were well-received, and associates have asked for more as they have been extremely informative and resourceful.”
- Gene Lampe, Director of Human Resources – Benefits, Compensation & Training, Garmin International.
“We have hosted several onsite Knowledge Now sessions and have heard nothing but positive feedback! The length of time is perfect to engage busy employees, and the topics are relevant and informative. From effective meetings to project management, KU covers subjects that are widely applicable. From a training and development standpoint, I will continue to utilize KU Edwards as an excellent resource for SPX!”
- Hannah Parker, HR Generalist, SPX