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Information Technology - Masters

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In the fast-paced world of IT, timely and accessible education is critical. Certificates are a great way to earn a credential, enhance specific skills and explore specialized areas of interest. The KU Edwards Campus offers two certificates to address workforce demand for qualified IT professionals: Cybersecurity and Software Engineering and Management (SE).

Each certificate consists of four courses (12 credit hours) and applies towards the Master of Science in Information Technology.

Cybersecurity Certificate

According to Network Computing, the demand for security professionals is growing at almost four times the pace of other IT roles. The graduate certificate in Cybersecurity is a 12-credit graduate-level certificate designed to provide advanced knowledge of information security concepts, governance, fundamental and emerging technologies in network security and computer systems security, as well as proficiency in security policies, procedures, risk management and audit. The purpose of this graduate certificate is to offer a practitioner-oriented credential in the information security area to students who are seeking an opportunity for more focused study.

The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity requires the completion of three core courses and one elective course at a total of 12 credit hours from the following courses:

Core Courses (3 courses, 9 credit hours)

EECS 710: Information Security and Assurance
EECS 711: Security Management and Audit
EECS 712: Network Security and its Application

Elective Courses (one of the following courses)

EECS714: Information Security and Cyber Laws
EECS 780: Communication Networks
EECS 811: IT Project Management

Software Engineering and Management Certificate (SE)

The Software Engineering and Management certificate is designed primarily for industry practitioners who are involved in software engineering activities and who would like to enhance their formal education in software engineering and acquire the most modern development practices without completing a full Masters’ degree. The program is also for individuals who have formal education in computing and who would like to acquire software engineering education to apply for software engineering positions.

The objective of the Software Engineering and Management certificate program will be to unite theory with industrial-strength practices and provide a solid education in software engineering. The program will provide coverage of the best practices in software development, management and maintenance. The program contents emphasize disciplined and quantifiable approaches in requirements modeling and engineering, software architecture, software project management, and software quality assurance. The 12 credit-hour program consists of four courses to be chosen from the following courses:

EECS810: Principles of Software Engineering (required)
EECS812: Software Requirements Engineering
EECS814: Software Quality Assurance
EECS818: Software Architecture
EECS811: IT Project Management

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Cost per credit hour
Resident or MetroKC Nonresident
$648.75 $1,206.15

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Hossein Saiedian
Director, Information Technology programs

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