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  • Civil Engineering Certificates

Civil Engineering - Masters

Structural Analysis and Structural Design Graduate Certificates

The Opportunity

As businesses and communities grow and change, so does the need for new offices, community centers, schools and other buildings that shape our lives. To succeed as a structural engineer, you need up-to-date knowledge of all the materials, environmental factors and requirements that go into constructing a building that not only serves its purpose, but lasts.

The KU Edwards Campus offers two graduate certificate programs that develop your skills and knowledge in structural engineering. The Structural Design certificate explores materials, codes and current building design practices. The Structural Analysis certificate expands your knowledge of computational structural analysis techniques, energy methods, stability safety and more.

Each certificate offers flexible curriculum that you can take at your own pace. Apply the skills you learn to the professional or academic work you’re already doing, and get the competitive professional edge to stand out in your field.

The Certificates

Structural Design

This certificate program allows students to focus on the design of structural components and systems. The curriculum is designed to provide practitioners with the opportunity to enhance their structural design skills without committing to a Master’s degree program. It also provides a specific area of concentration for current civil engineering graduate students.

Structural Analysis

This certificate program focuses on analytical evaluation of structural systems and components, broadening and deepening their knowledge with the most up-to-date theory and techniques used in practice. The curriculum provides practicing engineers with knowledge and experience that gives them a valuable competitive edge, and existing civil engineering graduate students with an area of focus.

Program Format

Courses for both certificates can be attended in person at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, streamed live with two-way interaction, or taken at your convenience via recording.

More information

For more information on these certificate programs, please complete the form in the top right corner of this page. Select either “Structural Design (graduate)” or “Structural Analysis (graduate)” as your academic interest.

Admission Requirements

Students in these certificate programs are required to have a BS degree in engineering, with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

International students or students whose native language is not English will need ot submit GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Certificate Requirements

Structural Design

The Structural Design certificate is 12 credits. Four courses are required to complete the certificate, two of which are mandatory. The following courses count toward the Structural Design Graduate Certificate:

Mandatory Courses:

CE 764

Advanced Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures


CE 765

Advanced Steel Design- Building Structures




CE 763

Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures


CE 766

Advanced Steel Design- Bridge Structures


CE 768

Design of Timber Structures


CE 769

Design of Masonry Structures


CE 865

Structural Design for Dynamic Loads



Structural Analysis

The Structural Analysis certificate is 12 credits. Four courses are required to complete the certificate, two of which are mandatory. The following courses count towards the Structural Analysis Graduate Certificate:

Mandatory Courses:

CE 761

Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures


CE 861

Finite Element Methods for Solid Mechanics




CE 704

Dynamics and Vibrations


CE 710

Structural Mechanics


CE 800

Theory of Elasticity


CE 801

Energy Methods


CE 810

Theory of Elastic Stability


CE 864

Seismic Performance of Structures


CE 869

Plates and Shells



Inquire Now


William Kirkham
Program Director
BEST Building 350

Cost per credit hour
Resident or MetroKC Nonresident
$648.75 $1,206.15

Learn more about scholarships and aid.