Francisco Diaz-Ceballos, Ph.D.

Francisco Diaz
  • Professor
  • Department of Biostatistics & Data Science


Personal Mission Statement

I am an experienced biostatistician who has participated in a substantial number of collaborative research projects concerning medical and pharmacological issues, and the author or coauthor of a substantial number of papers published in peer-reviewed, internationally renowned medical, pharmacological and methodological journals. Thus, my extensive methodological expertise, and my experience in the application of statistical methods to the design and analysis of a wide range of medical and pharmacological studies guarantee both appropriate management of the data generated in biomedical and pharmacological research and correct conclusions from the data. I also have 18 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate students, which guarantees my commitment to provide my students the most complete research experience and best education.


B.S. in Mathematics, National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia
M.S. in Statistics, National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia
Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Selected Publications

1) Some papers on pharmacokinetics and/or side effects of psychotropic drugs (collaborative research developed with researchers from US, Italy, Spain and Switzerland):

Diaz, F.J., Eap, C.B.,  Ansermot, N., Crettol, S., Spina, E., de Leon, J. (2014) Can valproic  acid be an inducer of clozapine metabolism? Pharmacopsychiatry, 47, 89-96. PMID: 24764199.

Diaz, F.J., Perez-Iglesias, R. Mata, I. Martínez-Garcia, O. Vázquez-Barquero, J.L., de Leon, J., Crespo-Facorro, B. (2011). Using structural equations to test for a direct effect of some antipsychotics on triglyceride levels in drug-naïve first-episode psychosis patients. Schizophrenia Research131, 82-89. PMID: 21726981  

Diaz, F.J., Santoro, V., Spina, E., Cogollo, M., Rivera, T.E., Botts, S., de Leon, J. (2008). Estimating the size of the effects of co-medications on plasma clozapine concentrations using a model that controls for clozapine doses and confounding variables. Pharmacopsychiatry, 41, 81-91. PMID: 18484549.

Diaz, F. J., de Leon, J. (2002). Excessive Antipsychotic Dosing in 2 U.S. State Hospitals. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 63, 998-1002. PMID: 12444813.

2) Some papers reporting my methodological research on random effects linear models and personalized medicine:

Diaz, F.J., Berg, M.J., Krebill, R., Welty, T.,  Gidal, B.E.,  Alloway, R., Privitera, M.  (2013). Random-effects linear modeling and sample size tables for two special cross-over designs of average bioequivalence studies: the 4-period, 2-sequence, 2-formulation and 6-period, 3-sequence, 3-formulation designs. Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 52:1033–1043. PMID: 24085600.

Diaz, F.J., Yeh, H-W., de Leon, J. (2012). Role of statistical random-effects linear models in personalized medicine. Current Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, 10, 22-32.  PMCID:  PMC3580802.

Diaz, F.J., Cogollo, M., Spina, E., Santoro, V., Rendon, D.M., de Leon, J. (2012). Drug Dosage Individualization Based on a Random-Effects Linear Model. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 22, 463-484.  PMID: 22416835.

Diaz, F.J., Rivera, T.E., Josiassen, R.C., de Leon, J. (2007). Individualizing drug dosage by using a random intercept linear model. Statistics in Medicine, 26, 2052-2073. PMID: 16847902.

3) Collaborative papers reporting research developed at the High Throughput Screening Laboratory and the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Kansas.

Diaz, F.J.,  McDonald, P.R.,   Roy, A., Taylor, B., Price, A., Hall, J., Blagg, B.S.J., Chaguturu, R. (2013) Compound ranking based on a new mathematical measure of effectiveness using time course data from cell-based assays. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening, 16:168-179. PMCID: PMC3655799.

Hendricks, P., Diaz, F.J.,  Schmitt. S., Sittampalam, G.S., Nirmalanandhana, V.S.  (2012) Effects of respiratory mechanical forces on the pharmacological response of lung cancer cells to chemotherapeutic agents. Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology, 26: 632-643. PMID: 21718364.

Diaz, F.J., McDonald, P.R., Pinter, A., Chaguturu, R. (2015) Measuring and statistically testing the size of the effect of a chemical compound on a continuous in-vitro pharmacological response through a new statistical model of response detection limit. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 25, 757-780. PMID: 24905187.

4) Some papers on smoking research (collaborative research developed with the Mental Health Research Center of the University of Kentucky and Spanish institutions):

Diaz, F.J., James, D., Botts, S., Maw, L., Susce, M.T., de Leon, J. (2009). Tobacco Smoking Behaviors in Bipolar Disorder: A Comparison of the General Population, Schizophrenia and Major Depression. Bipolar Disorders, 11, 154-165.  PMID: 19267698.

Diaz, F.J., Velásquez, D.M., Susce, M.T., de Leon, J. (2008). The association between schizophrenia and smoking: Unexplained by either the illness or the prodromal period. Schizophrenia Research, 104, 214-219. PMID: 18650069.

de Leon, J., Diaz, F. J.  (2005) A meta-analysis of worldwide studies demonstrates an association between schizophrenia and tobacco smoking behaviors. Schizophrenia Research, 76, 135-157. PMID: 15949648.

Diaz, F. J., Jané, M., Saltó, E., Pardell, H., Salleras, Ll., Pinet, C., de Leon, J. (2005). A Brief Measure of High Nicotine Dependence for Busy Clinicians and Large Epidemiological Surveys. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 39, 161-168. PMID: 15701065.


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Awards & Honors

1996, Meritorious M.S. Thesis Award, given by the School of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia

1999, Graduate School Fellowship, Awarded by the Graduate School of the University of Kentucky

2000, Graduate School Fellowship, Awarded by the Graduate School of the University of Kentucky

2000-2001, Raymond W. Rishel Prize for Best Student in Applied Probability, Awarded by the Department of Statistics of the University of Kentucky