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Spring: Dec. 15

Summer: May 15

Fall: Aug. 1

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Bachelor of Professional Studies

Application requirements

  1. Admission to the University of Kansas
  2. Official transcript from each college you have attended

See additional university admissions requirements at

Curriculum and requirements

KU Core: 30 credit hours

The KU Core is the university-wide curriculum that all incoming students will fulfill as part of their degree, in addition to degree-specific and major requirements. Completion of an AA degree at a Kansas community college satisfies KU Core goals 1-3. For more information, visit:

Goal 1: Critical Thinking & Quantitative Literacy | 2 Units

Goal 2: Communication | 3 Units

Goal 3: Breadth of Knowledge | 3 Units

Goal 4: Culture and Diversity | 2 Units

Goal 5: Social Responsibility and Ethics | 1 Unit

Goal 6: Integration and Creativity | 1 Unit

Transfer Credit

  • A maximum of 64 transferable credit hours from community colleges (outside of Kansas) count toward minimum cumulative total hours (120). A maximum of 75 credit hours can be transferred from Kansas community colleges, JCCC and KCKCC. Contact the program’s Academic Success Coach for more information
  • Only transfer grades of C or higher count toward KU degree requirements
  • Learn more at

Graduation Requirements

  • 120-credit-hour minimum
  • 45 must be junior/senior-level, with at least 30 junior/ senior-level through KU

Minimum 2.0 KU GPA in junior/senior (300+) courses in the major and a minimum 2.0 KU GPA in all KU course work, overall cumulative GPA including transfer credits must be at least 2.0

Required courses:

Course name

Credit hours

KU code

PFS 301: Communication in the Workplace


PFS 301

PFS 302: Leadership in Practice



PFS 302

PFS 303: Professionalism and the Workplace



PFS 303

MATH 365: Elementary Statistics


MATH 365


Emphasis/Concentration Tracks
Students must choose at least one emphasis

Project Management Concentration
Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours of 300+ level or above

Course NameCredit hoursKU code
PMGT 305: Foundations of Project Management3PMGT 305
PMGT 310: Project Communications3PMGT 310
PMGT 315: Project Scheduling and Control3PMGT 315
PMGT 320: Introduction to Microsoft Project3PMGT 320
PMGT 325: Effective Project Team Leadership3PMGT 325
PMGT 330: Organizational Strategy and Project Initiation3PMGT 330
PMGT 335: Project Stakeholder Engagement


PMGT 335
PMGT 405: Organizational and Project Risk Management3PMGT 405
PMGT 410: Managing Project Success3PMGT 410
PMGT 415: Project Procurement and Supply Chain Management3PMGT 415
PMGT 420: Emerging Trends in Project Management3PMGT 420
PMGT 425: Global Project Management3PMGT 425
PMGT 430: Managing Virtual Project Teams3PMGT 430
PMGT 510: Advanced Agile Approaches to Project Management3PMGT 510
PMGT 520: Advanced Microsoft Project3PMGT 520


Health Policy and Management Concentration
Concentration Requirements: 18 credit hours of 300+ level or above


Course nameCredit hoursKU Code
HMGT 300: Introduction to Healthcare Management3HGMT 300
HMGT 305: Health Policy and Healthcare Systems3HGMT 305
HMGT 310: Health Communication3HGMT 310
HMGT 320: Applied Healthcare Law and Ethics3HGMT 320
HSCI 340: Introduction to Public Health3HSCI 340
HSCI 421: Public Health Nutrition3HSCI 321
HSCI 440: Introduction to Epidemiology3HSCI 440
HSCI 441: Population Health3HSCI 441
HSCI 445: Introduction to Environmental Health3HSCI 445
HSCI 499: Topics in Health Sciences3HSCI 499

Elective Courses: 57 credit hours (secondary emphasis area or minor encouraged)

Capstone: PFS 599 Professional Studies Capstone


Alyson Germinder
Academic Success Coach