Protect KU Edwards Campus: Safety precautions and resources

This page was last updated on Jan. 20, 2022.

Jayhawks are taking a proactive, science-based approach to campus operations and curbing the spread of COVID-19. We are focused on keeping you safe while continuing to provide a world-renowned education. 

Visit Protect KU, the full University of Kansas safety plan. The KU Edwards Campus is part of this plan. Please make sure you review it. The information on this page shows how Protect KU is being applied to the specific spaces and operations of the Edwards Campus and a few adaptations based on what is unique to this campus.

Safety Precautions

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your healthcare provider. Testing is available from numerous providers in the Kansas City metro area. One option is the KU Health System Swab Clinic; learn more and schedule a testing appointment by calling 913-588-1600. You may also find free testing options from the Johnson County Health Department.

Keep checking Protect KU for the latest testing information.

In an effort to reduce the density of people on campus, many staff members are working remotely at least some of the time.

In-person academic success coach meetings are available. Students may choose a virtual option if they prefer.

Find more information on KU's overall Protect KU plan for students.

Limited, socially distanced seating is available in the Hawks Nest, BEST Building and Regnier Hall. 

The KU Edwards Campus Psychological Clinic is offering virtual appointments.

The mothering room remains open.

The prayer room remains open and is limited to one person at a time.

On-site printing is available for KUEC students in the East Lobby of the BEST Building and the Regents Center Hawks Nest.

Indoor and outdoor socially distanced seating space is available for breaks and studying.

If you need anything while on campus or have questions before you arrive, please call (913) 897-8400.

If you have questions or concerns about your course format, call the Welcome Center at 913-897-8400 or contact your academic success coach.

We are taking extra steps to provide for our community’s health and wellness including the following:

  • Masks are required in campus buildings and recommended outdoors. Find more information in KU’s updated mask policy.
  • As of Dec. 7, 2021, approximately 83% of Lawrence and Edwards campus employees have uploaded documentation confirming they are fully vaccinated. We believe the actual vaccination rate among our employees to be even higher than that. Please find more information at Protect KU.
  • Posting hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes around campus.
  • Some doors are equipped with a mechanism that allows you to open them using your foot, if you are able. 
  • Furniture in rooms is set to meet social distancing requirements. Please do not adjust the spacing of any furniture.
  • We ask that there is no eating or drinking in classrooms or other densely populated areas of campus.

Refer to the campus hours page for the latest hours for the KU Edwards Campus.

Are you wondering about something specific to the KU Edwards Campus that you don’t see here nor on the university’s Protect KU website? Or do you have a suggestion you would like leadership to hear? Please sign in to the virtual suggestion box to send your inquiry, suggestion or concern to the dean.