Early Childhood Unified Application process

Domestic Application Deadlines
Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Fall SemesterJuly 20
Spring SemesterDecember 17
Summer SemesterApril 28

International Application Deadlines
Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Fall SemesterJune 15
Spring SemesterNovember 12
Summer SemesterMarch 24

Apply Online

Department Requirements

Letter of Introduction

Upload letter addressing the following:

Your letter of introduction assists the admissions committee in understanding how your experiences and academic history contribute to your interest and ability to be successful in KU’s program. A strong goal statement communicates why you are choosing the specific graduate program within the department of special education and what you intend to do as a result of successful study in the program.Keep in mind that this is your opportunity to tell the faculty what important experiences, values and aspirations you bring to the Masters study. The first paragraph of your personal statement, should summarize your background, academic interests, and future goals. The second paragraph interprets your background for the admissions committee. This paragraph establishes your academic history and the experiences that prepare you for graduate study in the department of special education. After outlining your interests, background, and professional goals, use the remainder of the letter to make the case that the best way for you to bridge your undergraduate years and success as a professional educator is to continue your professional development through the course of study you have chosen. Be as specific as you can. Your personal statement should close with a brief summary to confirm both your preparation and that the program area that you have selected in the department of special education is the right choice for you.

The list below outlines specific guidelines for your goal statement:

  • A brief summary of what led you to pursuing the ECU program in the Department of Special Education
  • Your academic background and the degrees, certification and/or licenses you may currently hold in general and/or special education
  • Specific experiences that you have had working with infants/toddlers/children/youth with and without exceptionalities
  • An explanation of why you believe you would be a successful educator who can (a) support all learners’ access to successful participation, and progress in general education curriculum; (b) work collaboratively and in partnership with families; and  (c) work together collaboratively together with others to ensure high quality, inclusive opportunities for all infants/toddlers/children/youth with and without exceptionalities
  • If you have visited with one of our faculty, feel free to mention this in your letter, since this again will allow the admissions committee potentially gather information on whether there is an appropriate fit between your goals and the program
  • If your cumulative GPA from your undergraduate degree or previous graduate work or degree falls below a 3.0, please outline the factors that led to this and the adjustments you will make for success in this graduate program.

Professional Resume

Upload a professional resume describing past employment experiences, licensure received, educational preparation, publications and presentations, professional association memberships, and other professional activities.


All applicants are required to upload transcripts. You must also forward an official transcript (degree conferral) to the department from all schools you attended.

Forward the official transcript(s) to: 
Admissions and Recruitment
Department of Special Education
University of Kansas
1122 W. Campus Road
Joseph R. Pearson Hall Room 521  
Lawrence, KS 66045

Letters of Reference

You will submit the names and email addresses when you apply online. The system will automatically email them requesting them to submit a letter of reference for you.

Grade Point Average

For regular admission to the Masters program applicants must have a 3.0 out of 4.0 or the equivalent. Applicants with a grade point average of 2.75-3.0 are eligible for consideration for provisional admission.

Additional Application Information

About 2 weeks after you have applied online, you will be able to go to your online application and check your "application status" to see what materials have been submitted and what application documents have not been received. If you have questions or concerns regarding the application process, please contact the Department of Special Education Admissions and Student Affairs Administrator at specialeduadm@ku.edu or 785-864-4342. Please be aware until all components of the application package are received, the application will not be considered by the Special Education Department Admissions Committee. Only completed application packages received by the deadlines will be considered.

Additional Admission Criteria

It is important for applicants to realize that these indicators are not the sole determinants of admission to the Master's program in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas. Meeting the GPA minimum standards for regular or provisional admission does not ensure a recommendation for admission. Other factors considered by the committee include strength of the letter of application, strength of the letters of recommendation, quality of previous experience and background in special education or a closely related discipline, availability of an appropriate advisor in the applicant's identified area of emphasis, and the fit between the applicant's professional and graduate program goals and the purpose and mission of the KU Department of Special Education Master's Program.

Review Procedure

Completed applications are reviewed monthly up to the application deadline. Once a recommendation (admit/do not admit) has been made by the Department of Special Education Admission Committee, you will be notified by e-mail. If the committee has recommended admission, The Special Education Department will also include the name of your primary advisor in your e-mail, along with contact information. It is critical that you provide a current, valid e-mail address. Official notification of admission to the University of Kansas will be sent to you directly via email from the Office of Graduate Studies. Applicants will be required to accept or deny admission in the decision portal. You will not get anything in the mail, it is all online.