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  • Josh Coulter

Josh Coulter

My name is Josh Coulter and I recently finished my master’s in engineering management from KU in Overland Park. It is having a significant impact on my career.

Since receiving my bachelor’s in electrical engineering from KU in 2005 I have worked as an engineer for Honeywell in Kansas City. 

On a personal note, a couple years ago I trained for several months to compete in an Ironman Triathlon. This was a tremendous physical challenge for me, but I finished it.  Then I decided I was ready for a mental challenge.

After working for several years, I started to learn about aspects of the business that engineers don’t typically do, and that’s when I decided to go back for an advanced degree. I live and work in Missouri, so the Metro KC tuition rate made a big difference in choosing KU in Overland Park.

The instructors who taught my classes work in the industry. They know what challenges we face in the workplace and what resources are available to us. All the other students had experience in industry as well. Most of us were engineers, so our discussions built on our experience instead of just theories.

Part of my goal was to advance my career, and KU in Overland Park helped me do that. Now I’m excelling in project management. If someone on my team has an idea, or if I have an idea of my own, I’m able to gather the resources we need and develop a way to execute it.

The ability to participate in a new role on my team at work and having the skills that contribute to my team’s success brings me personal satisfaction. I always enjoy a challenging adventure, and I could never have met this challenge without KU in Overland Park.