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Sue Rozanski

My name is Sue Rozanski and I am a graduate of the project management master’s program at the KU Edwards Campus.

I decided to pursue another degree because my kids were getting older and I wanted to learn more about myself. After my experience at MRIGlobal Research Institute in Kansas City, I began to look into project management degrees. I enrolled in the project management graduate program at KU Edwards Campus in January 2014 and graduated in May 2016.

My choice to attend KU for my master’s degree was an easy one. Not only did KU have the most comprehensive project management program in the Kansas City Metro area, but the MetroKC tuition rate made going back to school more affordable for me. Additionally, the night classes made it possible to pursue my degree while also managing a full-time job and my family.

By earning my degree in project management, I was able to focus on what I really wanted my career goals to be and give myself the tools to accomplish those goals. The most important career goal for me was to be in a position of leadership, and the program gave me the experience I needed to achieve this goal.

The professors and students were the highlight of my time at KU Edwards Campus. All of the professors were easy to talk to and very accessible. I enjoyed the continual interaction between the students and professors, which was very different from my undergraduate experience.

During my time at KU Edwards, I learned that everyone has something to teach you, professors and students alike. If you absorb as much as you can and are willing to go the extra mile, earning a degree from KU Edwards Campus can improve your career like it did for me.