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At the KU Edwards Campus you can get the summer you want and the undergraduate course credit you need to graduate on time. Our convenient location and late-afternoon, evening and online classes allow you to work or intern in the Kansas City area, or hang out at the pool during the day and take class at night.

It’s way better than summer school – it’s summer plus school.

Upper-level (300 level and above) classes are available in areas such as biology, business, English, history, psychology and sociology. The summer semester provides an opportunity for students to earn KU credit to stay on track for graduation, get a jump on completing their degree or pick up some elective hours. The 2017 summer session begins Tuesday, June 6, and ends Friday, July 28.

Summer Schedule

The summer 2017 course schedule will be released in early March. To access the summer 2017 class schedule follow these steps:

  1. Visit www.classes.ku.edu and select "Summer 2017"
  2. Click on "More Options" then select "Edwards Campus" under "Any KU campus."

Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

  • Undergraduate students visiting from other academic institutions
  • Current KU undergraduates (enrolled in spring 2017) in good academic standing
  • Former KU undergraduate students (must be readmitted to the University)
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students admitted to KU for summer or fall 2017

How to Enroll

  • Current KU undergraduate - Enroll through Enroll & Pay.
  • Visiting undergraduate student - After being admitted to the university, you will be able to enroll online through Enroll & Pay starting in late April. For more information about enrollment, visit the Office of the Registrar.
  • Former KU undergraduate student - After being readmitted to the University, you can enroll through Enroll & Pay.
  • Incoming freshman or transfer student - If you were admitted to KU for summer 2017, you can enroll through Enroll & Pay. If you were admitted to KU for fall 2017, please update your admission term to Summer 2017 before enrolling.

How to Apply

Visiting undergraduate students must apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student to the Office of Admissions & Scholarships by May 31. Requirements are undergraduate non-degree seeking application and a $30 application fee.
Former KU undergraduate students must apply for readmission by May 23. Requirements are a readmission application.

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