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Thomas A. DeLuca, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Primary office:


Thomas A. DeLuca, Ph.D., proudly serves the students of Kansas and western Missouri through his face-to-face doctoral (Ed.D.) courses on KU's Lawrence and Edwards campuses. In addition to his academic background, his experience serving local community school districts as a teacher, principal, and finance director in both rural and urban districts inform both his research and his teaching. Dr. DeLuca also enjoyed 11 years with a Fortune 500 company where he worked in technology, finance, and international sales and support.

Professor DeLuca's research focuses on three key areas: the politics of K-12 education finance and policy, the influence of empirical evidence with data-informed decision-making and resource allocation, and the structure and economics of K-12 educational organizations.

Teaching Interests

  • Educational finance
  • School and District Resource Management
  • School administrator preparation and licensure

Research Interests

  • Educational finance
  • K-12 Internal Resource Allocation
  • Mixed methods research
  • Economics of education

Selected Publications

Kenne, D. R., Ph. D., Fischbein, R., Ph. D., & DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D. (2018). Economic Disparities: SPARK Ohio and Narrowing the Kindergarten Readiness Gap [Journal Articles]. Child Development Research, 2018, 12 / 4383792. https://www.hindawi.com/journals/cdr/2018/4383792/
DeLuca, T. A. (2018). Instructional spending metrics: A multilevel analysis using NCES data [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 44(1).
DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D., Novak, J. C., Ed. D., & Cocolis, A., Ed. D. (2017). Retaliatory Teacher Transfer or Meeting a District Need? [Other]. In Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. Sage Publications.
Fischbein, R., & DeLuca, T. A. (2016). Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids (SPARK): An Early Childhood Intervention Program Description and Evaluation. [Journal Articles]. The International Journal of Early Childhood Learning, 23(4).
Saatcioglu, A., Skrtic, T., & DeLuca, T. A. (2016). The use of test accommodations as a gaming strategy: A state-level exploration of potential gaming tendencies in the 2007-2009 period and implications for re-directing research on gaming through test accommodations. [Journal Articles]. Teachers College Record, 118(14).
Arsen, D. A., DeLuca, T. A., Ni, Y., & Bates, M. (2016). Which Districts Get Into Financial Trouble and Why: Michigan’s Story [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 42(2).
DeLuca, T. A., Ph. D. (2015). Federal Incentives to Merge Local Districts: Alternative Perspectives [Essays]. In Point/Counterpoint: A New Federal Role in Education? Incentivizing District Mergers? (Vol. 56, Issue 3, pp. 20–22). University of Virginia.
DeLuca, T. A., PhD. (2015). Do Countywide LEAs Allocate Expenditures Differently from Community-centric LEAs? Evidence from NCES Common Core Data [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 40(3).
DeLuca, T. A., PhD. (2014). Business Service Consolidation: A Case Study [Journal Articles]. School Business Affairs, Official Journal of the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO), September 2014.
DeLuca, T. A. (2014). Service Consolidation [Encyclopedia Entries]. In Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance; edited by Dominic J. Brewer & Lawrence O. Picus. Sage Publications.
DeLuca, T. A. (2013). K-12 Non-Instructional Service Consolidation:  Spending Changes and Scale Economies [Journal Articles]. Journal of Education Finance, 39(2).

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D., Educational Administration, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, 2012
  • M.Ed., Educational Leadership and Administration, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2002
  • M.B.A., General Business Administration, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2001
  • B.S., Computer Science, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan, 1989
  • B.S. in Education; Major: English, Minors: Mathematics, Reading, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 1983


Educational Administration, School Finance, Economics of Education