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Advance your career with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice

Criminal justice is a large and growing career field. It encompasses jobs in law enforcement, corrections, policy, and court administration. In law enforcement alone, more than half a million people are employed as police officers and sheriffs nationwide. KU’s bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice are designed for students with a strong interest in understanding how agencies and institutions function as part of the criminal justice system. Graduates can help meet the strong employment demand in this critical sector.

The KU criminal justice programs have various options and can be tailored to a student’s career goals. KU School of Professional Studies offers this program as a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, and each includes a 12-hour concentration in either Law Enforcement Leadership or Law and Society.

Designed with transfer and degree-completion students in mind, the criminal justice bachelor’s degree program focuses on preparing students with professional and workforce ready skills to help graduates achieve employment immediately following completion of the program.

What jobs can I get with an criminal justice bachelor’s degree?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice will be well positioned for careers in law enforcement, court administration, policy analysis, law, security, and intelligence. This criminal justice bachelor’s program examines the different ideas of justice. Curriculum focuses on understanding the impact the justice system, through law enforcement, the courts, and corrections, has on individuals and communities. You will examine the historical context that shaped current agencies and institutions, and cover topics like constitutional rights, use of force by police officers, and alternatives to incarceration.

Criminal justice careers and jobs - Law enforcement, court administration, public policy, corrections officer

Is a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice right for me?

The criminal justice bachelor’s degree programs are designed as degree-completion programs for undergraduate students interested in a comprehensive education into the multifaceted field of criminal justice. The concentration in Law Enforcement Leadership provides additional education for current law enforcement officers needing a degree to advance in their careers. The concentration in Law and Society provides an examination of how the law works in practice in fields such as public administration, courts, non-profit sector, policy, policing, and the justice system.


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KU’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice programs requires a minimum of 120 credit hours.

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  • Fully online and on-campus courses available
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