Prospective Student Resources

You have big decisions to make. What degree or certificate will you pursue? At what university? How will you pay for it? The following resources from previous students and KU experts can help you make your best choices.

Learn about affording higher education, how to pick the right university and program for you, how to get started on your degree or certificate, what to expect at the KU Edwards Campus and more with these resources.

Financial Aid

Your education is an investment worth making! Discover valuable tips on funding your KU Edwards Campus studies with our guides on undergraduate financial aid and graduate financial aid. Prospective students are also encouraged to review the KU Edwards Campus tuition rates, fees and financial aid information.

Successful Start

A few early steps are all it takes to make sure your experience at the KU Edwards Campus is everything you need it to be. Set yourself up for success with our guides on starting an undergraduate program and starting a graduate program.

How to choose the right Kansas City university for you

Use the three resources below to help you analyze your Kansas City degree options. They are filled with expert advice, resources and feedback from actual KU Edwards Campus students.


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