About KU Edwards Campus

About KU Edwards Campus

The University of Kansas holds a tradition of excellence over a century old. In the 1970s, it shared that tradition with Greater Kansas City by providing courses to working professionals. In 1993 the university opened another location, the KU Edwards Campus, to provide permanent growth and education in the Kansas City community. In the past two decades, it has contributed more than $400 million to the Johnson County economy. In 2008, the Edwards Campus became proud partners in the Johnson County Education Research Triangle.

We pride ourselves on putting the needs of students first. We have a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs, and we provide late afternoon and evening classes to help our students balance the responsibilities of work and family.

Courses at KU Edwards Campus earn the same credit as those taught on the main campus in Lawrence, Kan. Because the University of Kansas enjoys a national and international reputation, our students can be sure their hard work will pay off no matter where their career takes them.

KU Edwards Campus is also home to Jayhawk Global, a leading provider of professional education programming, workforce training and lifelong enrichment serving Kansas City and beyond.

Starting in fall 2016, the campus broadened its reach by offering courses for selected programs in Leavenworth, Kansas.