Edwards Campus Tuition & Fees

The cost of a college education at KU Edwards Campus is worth every penny. Here you’ll find estimated rates of our academic programs. Each rate includes KU tuition, course fees, relevant campus fees, student union fees and construction fees. A flat rate for all fees, except course fees, applies to students with 12 credit hours or more. Course fees are charged per credit hour.

The KU Edwards Campus MetroKC tuition adjustment offers tuition rates equivalent to in-state rates for Missouri residents who qualify. No credit hour limit applies. To receive this tuition adjustment, please fill out the MetroKC application.

Details on tuition and fees

2021-2022 Totals Per Credit Hour



College of Liberal Arts (BA/BGS in Law and Society, BA/BGS in Literature, Language & Writing, BA/BGS in Psychology, BA/BGS in Public Administration, BS/BA/BGS in Environmental Studies, Certificate in Creative and Analytical Writing, Certificate in Critical Thinking and Writing)

Business (Bachelor's of Business Administration, Certificate in Accounting)$579.25$1,141.50$579.25
Education (on-campus BS in Exercise Science)$481.30$1,043.55$481.30
Education (online BAS in Exercise Science, Certificate in Strength and Conditioning), $485.00$485.00N/A
Professional Studies (BS in Information Technology, Bachelor's in Health Sciences)$485.00$485.00N/A
Professional Studies (BAS in Biotechnology, BA and BGS in American Sign Language & Deaf Studies, BS in Applied Biological Sciences, Certificate in Nutrition,  Certificate in Public & Population Health, Post-Baccalaureate in Health Sciences)$452.95$1,015.20$452.95
Bachelor's of Social Work$490.45$1,052.70$490.45


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (MA in Communication Studies, Master of Public Administration, Certificate in  Performance Management, Certificate in City and County Management, Certificate in Law and Society, Certificate in Public Policy, Certificate in Public and Nonprofit Management) $532.75$1,114.50$532.75
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences and Certificate in Behavior Analysis)$700.00$700.00N/A
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (PSM and Certificate in Environmental Assessment, PSM and Certificate in Environmental Geology,  Certificate in Environmental Justice)$535.00$535.00N/A
Professional Studies (MA in Organizational Communication)$535.00$535.00N/A
Architecture (Design Management & Strategy, Interaction & User Experience Design)$603.20$1,184.95$603.20
Business (Master's of Accounting, Master's of Business Administration)$899.25$1,471.00$889.25
Engineering (MS in Information Technology, Certificate in Cybersecurity, Certificate in Software Engineering and Management)$648.75$1,230.50$648.75
Engineering (MCE & MS in Civil Engineering, MS in Architectural Engineering, MCM & Certificate in Construction Management, MS in Environmental Science, MS in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Certificate in Structural Analysis, Certificate in Structural Design, Certificate in Structural Forensics, Certificate in Water Resources)$660.00$660.00N/A
Education (Curriculum & Instruction, Master and Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood Unified, Education Administration, High Incidence, Higher Education Administration, Special Education)$561.10$1,142.85$561.10
Journalism (MS in Integrated Marketing Communications)$557.75$1,139.50$557.75
Biostatistics & Data Science (MS Applied Statistics, Analytics & Data Science, Certificate in Applied Data Science, Certificate in Applied Statistics)$700.00$700.00N/A
Public Health (Master's Degree, Certificate in Public Health Practice, Policy and Management, Certificate in Epidemiology, Certificate in essentials of Public Health$700.00$700.00N/A
Professional Studies (Certificate in Professional Workplace Communication, Certificate in Deaf Studies and Social Justice, Certificate in Advanced ASL, Certificate in ASL/English Interpreting) $532.75$1114.50$532.75
Professional Studies (MS, ME and certificate in Project Management, MS and Certificate in Engineering Management, MS in Information Technology, Certificate in Cybersecurity, Certificate in Software Engineering and Management)


Social Welfare (Master of Social Work)$570.25$1,152.00$570.25
Organizational Leadership (Leavenworth location)$700.00$700.00N/A
Homeland Security: Law & Policy (Leavenworth location)$670.00$670.00N/A
Project Management, ME and MS (Leavenworth location)$585.00$585.00N/A
Business - Supply Chain Management & Logistics (Leavenworth location)$700.00$700.00N/A

KU Edwards Campus fees cover course instruction, a student union and library privileges. They do not cover student health service benefits. Courses taught on the Lawrence campus or at the KU Medical Center are subject to different rates. Above rates are subject to change. The amount of tuition at KU and fees due is subject to reassessment if it is determined that the original amount assessed was incorrect or because of a change in enrollment or student status.

* Includes KU Edwards Course Fee and KU Edwards Campus Fee