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Degrees in Kansas City

Are you looking to complete your degree in Kansas City? The KU Edwards Campus offers a variety of undergraduate/graduate degrees and certificates. Finish your bachelor's degree, pursue your master's degree or complete a valuable certificate right here in Greater Kansas City.

To finish a bachelor’s degree program at the KU Edwards Campus, you must also complete your general education and prerequisites. You can take these courses at one of the local community colleges while you work toward your bachelor’s degree: Johnson County Community CollegeKansas City Kansas Community College or Metropolitan Community College.

KU Edwards Campus’ undergraduate programs include:
• American Sign Language & Deaf Studies
• Biotechnology
• Business Administration
• Elementary Education
• Environmental Studies
• Exercise Science - in-person & online
• Health Sciences - online
• Information Technology - in-person
• Law and Society
• Literature, Language and Writing
• Molecular Biosciences
• Psychology
• Public Administration
• Social Work

Undergraduate minors include:
• Biotechnology
• Business
• College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
     • English
     • Law and Society
     • Psychology
     • Public Administration
Environmental Studies
Public and Population Health

Undergraduate certificates include:
• Accounting
• Advanced Professional Skills - online
• American Sign Language
• Nutrition - online
• Strength & Conditioning - online
• Literature, Language & Writing
• Post-Baccalaureate in Health Science
• Public & Population Health - online

KU Edwards Campus Honors Program (undergraduate)
KU Degree Completion in Kansas City
Degree in 3 high school early start program
KU pre-med / pre-health programs
KU pre-law relevant programs in Kansas City

KU TalentEd workforce pipeline

Summer courses:
The Edwards Campus offers upper-level summer undergraduate courses for students in the Kansas City area who want to pick up extra hours in the summer to stay on track for graduation.

For more information on enrollment, scholarships, student loans, evening classes, degree programs, admission deadlines, and tuition cost reductions for Kansas City residents, inquire today or view our academic catalog.

Edwards Campus offers nationally respected master’s degree programs as well as doctoral programs. Unlike many graduate schools in the Kansas City area, the KU Edwards Campus delivers highly ranked and accredited graduate programs in numerous areas of study and focus, all in a true university setting.

Our flexible course schedules are perfect for part-time students and working adults wanting to advance their careers with a doctoral or graduate degree. Choose from more than 30 graduate, doctoral or certificate options on our campus.

Applied Statistics, Analytics & Data Science
• Applied Statistics, Analytics & Data Science- Online MS Degree | Online Certificate

Architecture and Design
• Design Management & Strategy
• Interaction & User Experience Design

Behavior Analysis
• Applied Behavioral Science - Online MA Degree
• Behavior Analysis - Online Certificate

• Accounting - MAcc  |  Undergraduate Certificate

• Organizational Communication (MA) - M.A. | Certificate

• Educational Administration - EdD
• Higher Education Administration - EdD
• Special Education - Early Childhood Unified MSE
• Curriculum & Instruction - EdD

• Architectural Engineering - M.S.
• Civil Engineering - M.C.E. | Certificates
• Construction Management - M.C.M. | Certificate
• Engineering Management - M.S. | Certificate
• Environmental & Water Resource Engineering - M.S. | Certificate
• Information Technology - MSIT | Certificates
• Project Management - M.S. and M.E. | Certificate | Online

• Environmental Assessment - P.S.M. in person & online | Certificates
• Environmental Geology - P.S.M. online | Certificate

• Homeland Security: Law & Policy - M.S. online

Public Affairs & Administration
• Public Administration - MPA | Certificates

Science & Health
Public & Population Health - Online

Social Welfare
• Social Work

KU in Overland Park offers a variety of increasingly popular certificates for working professionals. Certificates are a great way to explore specialized areas of interest, enhance specific skills or start a certificate as a stepping stone into a degree program.

"Earning my MPA and a certificate in environmental assessment offers great career opportunities. My certificate courses will give me practical knowledge that I expect to use in my career." - Ben Washburn, KU Edwards Campus student.

Choose from the following certificate options at KU in Overland Park to boost your credentials faster.

*Financial aid may be available for certain certificate programs. View a full list of eligible certificate programs.

Undergraduate Certificates
• Advanced Professional Skills - online
American Sign Language
Nutrition - online
Strength & Conditioning - online
• Literature, Language & Writing
-    Creative and Analytical Writing
-    Critical Thinking and Writing
Post-Baccalaureate in Health Science
Public & Population Health - online

Graduate Certificates

• Applied Statistics - Online

• Applied Data Science - Online

American Sign Language

• Behavior Analysis - Online

• Professional Workplace Communication - Online

Public Health - Online

• Engineering
-    Construction Management
-    Cybersecurity
-    Foundations of Engineering Management
-    Software Engineering and Management
-    Structural Analysis
-    Structural Design
-    Structural Forensics

• Project Management - Online

• Environmental
-    Environmental Assessment - online
-    Environmental Geology - online
-    Environmental Justice

• Public Administration
-    City and County Management
-    Law & Society
-    Performance Management
-    Public and Nonprofit Management
-    Public Policy

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