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Education is powerful. Individuals who attain more education are often happier, healthier and live longer, have more successful family members and relationships, contribute more to their communities, and so much more. Your work can help deliver those benefits to individuals in Kansas City, across the state of Kansas and around the world.

The KU Edwards Campus creates, enhances and delivers workforce-oriented education programs especially designed for working adults. Each year, tens of thousands of individuals access that education. Those engagements range from a few hours of continuing education to short courses, boot camps, undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

Each of those individuals benefit from their KU Edwards Campus education. That benefit ripples through their families, employers and communities. Most students enroll in Edwards Campus education to start, advance or change their careers. Students are in or seek to enter a variety of fields such as business, engineering, law enforcement, public service, science, education, technology, leadership, firefighting, and much more.

An emphasis on educating adults, especially those with busy professional and personal lives, means the Edwards Campus programs and people are professional, courteous, flexible and, above all, mission driven. Many classes are held in short formats, in the evenings or online to accommodate busy schedules. Services are accessible, are efficient and emphasize satisfaction. Curricula and instruction seek to maximize learning for the greatest career benefit and personal growth. In short, we are here to educate professionals, and we are only as successful as they are.

The Edwards Campus opened in 1993; many parts of the Edwards Campus trace back their history farther, dating to as early as the 19th century. The Edwards Campus is located in Overland Park in Johnson County. Part of metropolitan Kansas City, Overland Park is the second most populous city and Johnson County is the most populous county in Kansas. The Edwards Campus operates additional campuses and locations in Yoder, Lawrence and Leavenworth, Kansas, as well as delivering extensive mobile, onsite and online education.

To fulfill its mission, the Edwards Campus requires great people to work here and join our mission. To attract and retain great people, and help them perform at their highest level, we offer a warm environment, invest in their professional development (including limited free tuition), encourage individuals to expand into new methods and areas, offer competitive compensation and benefits, and live by our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We want our team members to be their whole selves at work. We strive to support work-life harmony and each individual’s professional goals.

If you are ready to put your talents to use benefitting thousands of individuals in a professional and entrepreneurial environment, all backed by the quality and respect of the University of Kansas, the Edwards Campus may be your next career advancement.

See open positions at the KU Edwards Campus