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  • Summer Camps

Are you looking for a fun summer activity to keep your child’s brain stimulated? The KU Edwards Campus is excited to host summer camps presented by KU Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science.

For questions regarding any of the camp listings, please contact the individual camp coordinators. 

Due to COVID-19, the status of this year’s Hawk Fitness Academy is to be determined. For updates on how the university is monitoring COVID-19, please visit coronavirus.ku.edu.

KU Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences presents
Hawk Fitness Academy for ages 5 to 12

Trained instructors offer their knowledge and skills in this fun-filled, youth exercise program for kids ages 5 to 12! Exercise skills can build your child’s confidence in exercise and make it easier for them to continue exercise into adulthood. 

Hawk Fitness Academy sessions include:

  • Pre- & Post-Assessments: Body composition; upper & lower body strength; and speed;
  • Warm-Up: Hops, skips, crawling, and sport skills (dribbling a basketball, throwing & catching);
  • Exercises: Medicine ball (squats, presses, throws, etc.); aerobic bar (squats, deadlifts, presses); box jumps; ladder & cone drills;
  • Fun: Sessions are designed considering a child's psychological framework. Exercises are brief, keep the child moving, and are performed within obstacle courses.

Schedule & Registration:

  • Register your child for an 8-week session that works best for your family's schedule. Each session meets two days per week. View location & full schedule details here.
  • Lawrence Session (KU Main Campus): Summer 2020 session meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., beginning June 2.
  • Overland Park Session (KU Edwards Campus): Summer 2020 session meets on Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m., beginning June 1.


The deadline to register is Friday before the first day of the session(s).

Cost to Participate:

Scholarship funding is available for the first 20 registered participants at each session location (Lawrence & Overland Park).

  • Regular Rate: $405 per child
  • Reduced* Rate: $100 per child

*The David and Margaret Shirk Physical Education Programs Fund provides financial support for families and children to participate in the Hawk Fitness Academy at a reduced rate. Future youth activity prices subject to change. Scholarships are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. 

Online registration form



About the camp director

Dr. Trent Herda - The Director

Associate Professor in the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Kansas.

I started the Hawk Fitness Academy to improve the health of children. Our program is specially designed to improve strength and balance along with heart health. Traditional exercise programs for children focus on heart health and playing sports. What makes our program unique is that we focus on improving strength and balance along with heart health. Strength and balance are important for functionality as we age. Your child will also learn exercise skills that can be performed as adults in any recreational center or gym.


Phone: 785-864-2224
Email: t.herda@ku.edu

Questions? Contact us at hawkfit@ku.edu or 785-864-2224.  

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