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Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference

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Big 12 Teaching and Learning Conference

Join us online for the 2021 Virtual Big 12 Teaching & Learning Conference!

In today's interconnected and networked world, we can engage in discussion with individuals across the globe and access diverse opportunities to learn about, and from, each other. Many college and university units, however, have reported difficulties in knowing where or how to build on the potential of these opportunities for collaboration, cross-campus dialogues and projects. Join your Big 12 colleagues to discuss how to best keep students engaged in alternative course delivery formats and what its lasting impact will be on the future of higher education.

Join us online this summer for this year’s event covering a variety of topics in education support, including the following:

  • Interventions enhancing student learning
  • The impact of COVID on Teaching & Learning practices
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Inclusive Teaching Practices addressing systemic racism and oppression in the classroom
  • Educational Research on Teaching & Student Learning (Research to Practice)


Who Should Attend?

University and college administration, assessment coordinators, faculty, staff, and students interested or involved in collaboration and innovation within the classroom, programs, and across campuses related to teaching, program development, and course development.

Conference Schedule 2021

June 10-11: Virtual conference sessions and workshops via video conferencing.

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Professional registration is $80 and there is a reduced cost for students and postdocs. 

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Conference Speakers

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Adrianna Kezar, PhD

Wilbur Kieffer Endowed Professor and Dean's Professor of Leadership, USC 

Director of the Pullias Center ( and Director Delphi Project


Learning from crisis: enhancing professional development support for non-tenure-track faculty

The session will explore some of the unintentional lessons from the COVID-19 crisis where campuses were ramping up professional development for teaching online. One of the byproducts of this effort was enhanced support for lecturers and adjuncts at many campuses.  This session will Explore a variety of ways to better support non-tenure-track faculty so they can create a quality teaching and learning environment. This session will also speak about ways to extend the support offered during the crisis as a way to enhance higher education in the future.  

Adrianna Kezar

Dr. Brian Beatty

Associate Professor of Instructional Technologies

San Francisco State University


Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Instruction Supporting Student Success in Challenging Times and Beyond  

In this seminar, we will discuss the Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Course Design, currently being used in many institutions around the world to teach both classroom and online students in the same classes, with the same instructor, and allow students the choice of participation mode. We will review the strategic values of HyFlex delivery, four fundamental design principles, and a recommended design process. We'll also discuss common advantages (values) HyFlex offers to students, faculty and administration and consider important issues that must be addressed when implementing HyFlex courses and programs. We will review the ways HyFlex instruction is allowing institutions to meet current public health limitations on classroom participation and serve students who are unable or unwilling to attend classes in person. Looking beyond the current global pandemic crisis, we'll discuss how HyFlex instruction can help us solve longstanding challenges around equitable access to high quality education, and the need and opportunity for evaluating the impact of HyFlex delivery on student participation, achievement, and meeting prescribed organizational goals. 

Dr. Brian Beatty


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