A Message from the Dean

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For nearly 30 years, the KU Edwards Campus has been KU’s presence in Kansas City, addressing and meeting the diverse workforce and community needs of the Greater Kansas City area and beyond.

Since 1993 – with the Johnson County community’s ongoing support – the Edwards Campus has helped contribute more than $500 million to the county’s economy through education, research and service initiatives. We offer more than 80 undergraduate and graduate certificate and degree programs, spanning a wide array of in-demand disciplines from biotechnology, engineering and business, to American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, public and population health, social work, public administration, and many more. With hybrid, online and in-person course options, these programs provide vital instruction across the country and around the world.  

As part of a strong, globally recognized network of KU campuses and experts, and with a long history of serving nontraditional students and partnering with local employers, we are uniquely positioned to leverage the brightest minds and offer the highest quality of instruction with constant and continued innovation.

It is with this spirit that we launched the KU School of Professional Studies in 2020. Dedicated to serving the needs of transfer and nontraditional students, the School of Professional Studies facilitates social mobility and equity by providing high-quality academic programs, research activities and engaged learning initiatives to meet local workforce and economic demands.

All students coming into the KU Edwards Campus have previous college credit. We highly value transfer students and provide dedicated support for their educational journey from high school to community college, to completing their degree at the KU Edwards Campus. Our unique student base often overcomes significant obstacles to furthering their education, ultimately improving their lives and careers through incredible dedication.

Here’s a snapshot of KU Edwards Campus students:

  • 64% work part-time, 36% work full-time
  • 51% undergraduate students, 49% graduate students
  • 52% female, 38% male, 10% did not identify
  • 31% identified as an ethnic minority
  • 25% were first-generation college students
  • Average student age is 27 years old

It’s an honor to serve as dean for both the KU Edwards Campus and the KU School of Professional Studies, working to ensure access, affordability and inclusivity for our current and future students.

We are a campus of lifelong learners and as Jayhawks, we know we have a responsibility to use our accomplishments for the benefit of all. We rise together and use our success to take care of those who come after us.

Do you want to learn more about the KU Edwards Campus or the KU School of Professional Studies? Please visit or contact us anytime to learn more about our programs and provide us with new strategies to best serve the community.

Take care of yourself and others … Rock chalk!

Dr. Stuart Day
KU Edwards Campus
KU School of Professional Studies