KUEC’s online learning programs are designed for working adults

Online learning offers working professionals the flexibility they need to pursue their educational goals. 

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For busy, working professionals, online learning is the only way for some to pursue their educational goals. The KU Edwards Campus (KUEC) online undergraduate, graduate degree, and certificate academic programs are designed to meet these needs.

Learn on your time.
Flexible class scheduling is one of the top reasons students choose online learning. There’s no navigating a commute from work to on-campus classes. You can literally learn from anywhere. For many adults balancing work, family, and other responsibilities, online learning is a valuable option for them.

How KUEC’s online programs work.
Programs are either synchronous (live online instruction and engagement) or asynchronous (pre-recorded, on-demand instruction where you can access classes on your schedule).

The online programs will vary depending on the subject matter and course of study. If you’re thinking about pursuing an online program, carefully consider which online format will work best for you. 

Connect with a diverse community of online learners.
KUEC’s online learners pull from a broader geography, allowing you to connect with a diverse group of peers from many different professions, industries, and countries. These different perspectives create more positive learning experiences and promotes critical thinking and creativity. And, it allows students to establish personal connections and establish professional networks with fellow online classmates.

Access faculty and other support resources.
An online program offers more resources to help students stay connected to each other and to the instructor. KU instructors are often willing to schedule one-on-one calls, texts, or Zoom meetings to answer questions. Some are also available to answer quick questions after students have gotten home from work, or put the kids to bed. 

If you’re new to online learning, develop good online communication skills. Online learners are strongly encouraged to be proactive about reaching out to their instructors and other students to fill in knowledge gaps. 

Some KU programs may have built-in, optional sessions to facilitate more interaction. Instructors may add a live session on Zoom to allow for collaboration, discussion, and space to learn from other students. 

Financial aid may be available.
There are many avenues for getting assistance with tuition costs at KU such as scholarships, grants, loans, and payment plans. Check with your employer to see if tuition assistance is available. Make an appointment with a KU financial advisor to discuss all your options.

We can help you get started.
An online degree from KU carries the same value as an on-campus degree. Research KUEC’s online academic programs to find what works best for your educational and career goals. Our advisors and success navigators are here to help. Call 913-897-8539 to get connected and to get answers to all your questions.

This blog was authored by Jeanene Dunn.

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