Change a Life in 24 Hours with One Day. One KU.

The annual One Day. One KU. campaign gives donors at all levels the opportunity to make a life-changing difference.

Students stroll through the quad at the KU Edwards Campus

UPDATE: Thank you to the 35 donors who contributed more than $64,625, making the 2022 One Day. One KU. campaign another record-setting event!

Mark your calendar and join us for the fifth-annual One Day. One KU. giving campaign on Feb. 17! With donations starting at only $5, One Day. One KU. gives donors at all levels the chance to make a difference.

The KU Edwards Campus (KUEC) delivers a world-class KU education to the Kansas City metro area and beyond, helping adult learners start, change or advance their career through high-demand degree and certificate programs. Some quick facts about our 2,500+ students include:

  • 64% work part-time, 36% work full-time
  • Average student age is 27 years old
  • 57% graduate students, 43% undergraduate students
  • 25% are first-generation college students
  • 31% self-identify as an ethnic minority

We invite you to support the KU Edwards Campus and its current and future students through our two priority giving opportunities for the 2022 One Day. One KU. campaign.

Contribute to a new needs-based scholarship supporting transfer students in School of Professional Studies programs at the KU Edwards Campus.The School of Professional Studies is dedicated to serving the needs of transfer and nontraditional students, a growing sector of college enrollment. The school offers critical, in-demand programs to meet the talent needs of employers in Greater Kansas City and beyond.

“Our diverse student population overcomes many obstacles to furthering their education – tuition cost being a major one,” said Stuart Day, dean of the KU Edwards Campus and School of Professional Studies. “Transfer students face large tuition gaps and fewer funding options. Our hope for the new Transfer Scholarship is to provide them with critical tuition assistance because once they get here, they accomplish incredible things.”

Help a student overcome financial barriers to furthering their education through micro-grants. Enrollment fees, transportation and family expenses are often roadblocks for those who would otherwise have most of their needs met by traditional financial aid. One Day. One KU. micro-grant funds go to students on the KU Edwards Campus with the most demonstrated financial need, allowing them to focus on their educational goals and separate financial barriers from their decision to enroll.

In 2021, more than 65 donors raised the bar by donating over $16,000 to One Day. One KU. Most importantly, funds given over the years have helped launch dozens of students into their academic journey, giving them the vital support they needed to continue their education. Some of the funds from the 2021 campaign supported the Dean’s Scholarship fund. Here’s what it meant to two of the first recipients of this scholarship:

“This scholarship means a lot to me. I was not expecting it at all, and it brightened my day when I received the email about it. As a student paying out of pocket, it really helped me stress less about how my tuition would be paid.”

“It allows me to represent the school and a newer program, which has been such a need in the KC metro area. I want to continue to advocate for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community. I hope to work at the policy level someday to make sure Deaf folks have accessibility in all avenues of life.”

With your support, more students will be able to pursue the next step in their education, advance their career, and boost the local economy and workforce. With One Day. One KU., even small gifts can truly make a difference in changing lives. Thank you for your consideration.

The success of One Day. One KU. would not be possible without our One Day. One KU. Ambassadors, helping spread the word by encouraging others to give via individual social media accounts, email and word of mouth. It is a quick and powerful way to support One Day. One KU. and the rewards are immense. Learn more about being an ambassador, how to sign up and what rewards could be in store for One Day. One KU.

Remember to visit our giving page today and mark your calendar for Feb. 17!

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