U.S. Army officer prepares for civilian career with supply chain management master’s

Rising Up at KUEC: In this Q&A series, outstanding 2021 KU graduates share how the KU Edwards Campus has helped them start, advance or change their career. Meet Cole Bershinsky.

Cole Bershinsky graduates with master’s in supply chain management and logistics

Cole Bershinsky spends his days serving our country as a logistics officer for the U.S. Army, and now the 34-year-old can add a master’s degree to his resume. The master’s in supply chain management and logistics degree is one of a number of programs offered through KU in Leavenworth. These off-post Leavenworth programs make it convenient for officers training at the Command and General Staff College (CGSC) in Leavenworth, Kansas to take KU classes as well.

“The program is not only outstanding academically, but it also aligns well with my daily military requirements,” said Bershinsky.

With his master’s degree, he feels prepared for a civilian career when he decides to retire from the Army. However, Bershinsky believes his education will prove to be useful even earlier than that.

“Having this increased knowledge will also benefit my military career as I will be better prepared to work with partners in the future,” said Bershinsky.

Find out more about what he learned through KU and the Army.

Q: What is a typical day in your life like?

A: While in school, most days consist of going to U.S. Army classes during the day and either attending KU classes or studying and completing homework at night. I make time every day to exercise by either going for a run or conducting strength training at one of the Fort Leavenworth gyms. I also set some time aside to play fetch with my dog and enjoy my wife’s company.

Q: What makes you the happiest?

A: I am happiest when I spend time with family and friends. We enjoy getting into the outdoors, family dinners and board game nights.

Q: What motivates you?

A: My biggest motivation is to make my family proud and provide for them. My daily motto is to always be better than I was yesterday.

Q: Why did you choose KU?

A: The KU Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Logistics (MSCM) program is not only outstanding academically, but it also aligns well with my daily military requirements. Steve Leonard, Beth Tucker and all the professors are extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. It is hard to not want to be a part of a program like that.

Q: How did KU meet your personal and/or academic needs?

A: As a logistician for the U.S. Army, I intend to pursue a profession in the field of supply chain management after my military career. KU provided an amazing opportunity for me to earn my master’s degree, learn from experts in the field and better prepare myself for a civilian career when the time comes.

Q: How has your KU degree prepared you for the future?

A: I continue to learn many new things that have broadened my scope of understanding within the civilian supply sector. Having this increased knowledge will also benefit my military career as I will be better prepared to work with partners in future.

Q: What was the most difficult part of earning your college degree and how did you overcome it?

A: The most difficult part of earning the master’s in supply chain management and logistics was time management due to also taking classes within Army Command and General Staff College. I succeeded in balancing the competing requirements through detailed scheduling of my personal time outside of class.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: My proudest accomplishment is my continued service in the U.S. military. I love my job and I am proud to serve my country.

Q: What is your favorite memory of your time at KU in Leavenworth?

A: What I enjoyed most about my time at KU in Leavenworth was the outside-of-class discussions I get to have with my professors. They are all very knowledgeable and offer wonderful insight into each of their fields of expertise.

Q: What are your long-term career goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: After retiring from the U.S. Army, I hope to earn a position within the supply chain management field. In order to achieve this goal, I will continue to hone my skills as a logistician throughout my military career so that I am the most well-rounded candidate that I can possibly be.

Q: What advice would you give others who are thinking of earning a degree, whether a first-time bachelor’s, a second bachelor’s or a master’s?

A: I strongly recommend pursuing your professional and personal goals. While it may seem difficult at times, the effort is well worth it in the end. The master’s in supply chain management and logistics program made earning an advanced degree interesting, challenging and fun. If someone is considering the pursuit of a degree, I would advise them to speak with an [academic success coach] to align their plans with a proper path and make that desire a reality.

Learn more about the master’s in supply chain management and logistics through KU in Leavenworth.



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