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Applied Statistics & Analytics - Masters

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100% Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

You can earn a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from the University of Kansas. Coursework is 100% online, and credits earned can be applied to the full master's degree. For more information, inquire now!

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics provides students with specialized knowledge required of careers in the rapidly growing fields of statistics and data analytics. There is increasing demand in the workforce for graduate-trained data scientists with excellent hands-on analytic skills. This graduate certificate is designed to provide individuals with focused knowledge in statistical theory with an emphasis on application that will allow them to make an immediate impact within their field.

The Certificate in Applied Statistics emphasizes hands-on statistical computing in the context of statistical methods most commonly applied in industry and government agencies. It provides an exposure to some of the most commonly-used statistical methods. The Certificate in Applied Statistics program will expand the certificate options in STEM fields for students seeking quantitative and technological training in the region.

Inquire now to speak with an advisor about

  • Tuition and financial aid assistance
  • Faculty, curriculum and course schedules
  • Admissions requirements and process
  • KU's approach to online learning and student support


A minimum of 15 post-Bachelor’s degree credit hours are required with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. A typical full-time course plan is listed below for the Certificate in Applied Statistics. It requires 15 credit hours that consists of 9 credit hours of required coursework and 6 credit hours of electives:

Required courses (9 credit hours)
  STAT 830: Design of Experiments
​  STAT 840: Linear Regression
Choose One:
  STAT 820: Statistical Computing/SAS Bale L1 or
  STAT 823: Introduction to Programming and Applied Statistics in R

Elective courses (6 credit hours)
  STAT 805: Professionalism, Leadership & Ethics for Data Scientists
  STAT 820: Statistical Computing/SAS Base L1
  STAT 821: Statistical Computing II
  STAT 823: Introduction to Programming and Applied Statistics in R
  STAT 825: Nonparametric Methods
  STAT 833: Sampling Methods
  STAT 835: Categorical Data Analysis
  STAT 845: Survival Analysis
  STAT 850: Multivariate Statistics
  STAT 855: Statistical Methods in Genomics Research
  STAT 871: Mathematical Statistics
  STAT 880: Data Mining

Example student course plan (15 credit hours)

Fall (6 credit hours)
  STAT 840: Linear Regression
​  STAT 820: Statistical Computing/SAS Base L1

Spring (6 credit hours)
  STAT 830: Design of Experiments
  STAT 821: Statistical Computing II

Summer (3 credit hours)
  STAT 823: Introduction to Programming and Applied Statistics in R

Admissions requirements

1. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for regular admission status. An applicant with an undergraduate GPA not meeting the minimum requirements may be admitted under provisional status, provided they meet the academic standards of the department without excessive deficiencies in prerequisites.
2. B average (or higher) in Calculus I – II (i.e., single variable differentiation and integration or equivalent).
3. Successful completion of a course in any computer programming language or demonstration of mastery via credentials or work experience.

An applicant meeting the minimum requirements for admission is referred to the Admissions Committee for approval or disapproval. Approval for admission is good for up to 12 months from the approved date for admission.

For admission into the Graduate Certificate program in Applied Statistics, the applicant must meet the general requirements for admission to the KUMC Office of Graduate Studies.

Admissions process

1. Complete online application form at applyweb.com/kumc.
2. Send official transcript(s) bearing the official seal from each college or university in which course work had been taken

Official transcripts can be sent directly to:

Office of the Registrar
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd., Mail Stop 4029
Kansas City, KS 66160

Learn More — Request Info
Cost per credit hour
Resident or MetroKC Nonresident
$667.00 $667.00

Learn more about scholarships and aid.


Shana Palla, MS
Project Director of Graduate Education
Department of Biostatistics
(913) 897-8674
Ask a question

Scholarships for Johnson County Residents

Students who currently live in Johnson County, Kan., and who are admitted to and enrolled in the online M.S. in Applied Statistics & Analytics degree are eligible for a $1,250 scholarship per semester if enrolled in six hours of coursework or a $625 scholarship per semester if enrolled in three hours of coursework. It is a renewable scholarship and students must maintain a minimum cumulative KU grade point average of 3.0 within the program to receive it for subsequent terms. Limited awards are available. For more information contact Scott Sponholtz, associate director, KU Medical Center Student Financial Aid.

Statistics – it’s not what you think it is.

ASA Issues Statement on Role of Statistics in Data Science  Read More.