The Edwards Family

Why are we called the KU Edwards Campus?

In 1990 Clay Blair III, a KU alumnus and local land developer, donated the 36 acres at 12600 Quivira Road to The University of Kansas. Blair requested the land be named in honor of Roy and Joan Edwards, two KU alumni and longtime supporters and mentors to Blair. Blair and the Edwards' befriended each other in the early 1960's when Blair roomed with Roy Edwards III, the Edwards' son, at KU. After Blair's graduation, the Edwards' and Blair continued their friendship and, as a result, Blair's act of generosity and support for KU made the University's vision of having a campus in Greater Kansas City a reality.

Roy A. Edwards Jr. graduated from KU's School of Business in 1942. During his time at KU, Edwards was on the male pep squad and held the post of head cheerleader during his senior year. After graduation, Edwards continued ties with KU by serving as KU Alumni Association president, sitting on the Board of Trustees for the KU Endowment Association and being on the Chancellor's Athletic Director Search Committee. In honor of his dedicated service to KU, the University awarded Edwards the Fred Ellsworth Medallion in 1975 and the Distinguished Service Medallion in 1978, the highest honor KU awards. After Edwards' passing in 1987, the KU men's basketball team wore black arm bands on their uniforms during the 1987-1988 season to honor him.

Joan Darby Edwards graduated from KU in 1942. She was active in her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, served on Homecoming Committee and was a member of the Young Republican Club. Like her husband, Joan remained dedicated to KU through her many volunteering efforts including being a member of three administrative search committees, being a member of Coach Glen Mason's Football Advisory Board, representing the KU Alumni Association to the Athletic Corporation Board, being a Chancellors Club and Williams Educational Fund member and serving as vice chairman of the Campaign Kansas Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. In recognition of her unrelenting service to KU, she was awarded the Fred Ellsworth Medallion in 1991.

The Edwards Family Today

Susan Edwards Miller serves on the KU Edwards Campus Board of Advisors. Three of the Edwards' children — Barbara Edwards, R.A. Edwards and Susan Edwards Miller — and their spouses attended KU. In 2002, R.A. Edwards received the Fred Ellsworth Medallion, making him the third member of his family to receive the honor.

In addition, two of the Edwards’ grandchildren have attended KU. Roy Edwards, the son of R.A. and Terry Beach Edwards, graduated from KU in 2000. Dr. Darby Miller, son of Doug and Susan Edwards Miller, graduated in 2001.