Instructional Support

Instructional Support provides information on KU policies and academic integrity, as well as resources that help faculty provide academic support to students.


KU Faculty Handbook

KU Edwards Campus Faculty Handbook

University Policies

KU is here to serve students, faculty, and the community. Recognize the University’s dedication to excellence by understanding and following its policies and procedures in the classroom.

KU Edwards Campus Policies

Policies that were developed for use specifically on the KU Edwards Campus.

Class Rosters

Discover how to access, monitor, and utilize your class roster. Faculty may also go to the Photo Roster Tool, to access class rosters and photos of students.

Final Exams

Final Examinations will be administered during the regularly scheduled finals week, at the same time and day the class met during the semester. The date for final examinations in eight-week courses shall be noted in the course syllabus. The date for Saturday-only classes will have examinations on the Saturday immediately following Stop Day. There are no other finals scheduled on Saturday. If a student has a conflict with another final exam, the student should work out an alternate plan with their instructor.

Proctoring Student Exams

Proctoring exams is the responsibility of the faculty member teaching the course. Sometimes, however, there is a need for an individual student to complete an exam outside of the regularly scheduled class period. If this is the case, faculty can make arrangements for the exam by contacting Lisa Browning. Due to constraints in proctor staffing, we ask that you keep these requests to a minimum. Priority is given to students requiring accommodations for testing. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday.

Should an emergency arise and a faculty member cannot be present on a scheduled assessment date, contact the Center for Faculty & Academic Administration as soon as possible to discuss options. Instructors may need to reschedule or adjust assessment timing expectations in these emergency circumstances.

Cancellation of Classes

If inclement weather is possible, please check the Edwards Campus homepage or call our class cancellation line at 913-897-8499 for KU Edwards Campus closings. It is rare classes are ever canceled at the Edwards Campus. If you need to cancel your class for personal reasons, it is your responsibility to contact your students by email and create an announcement within your Canvas class. It is also helpful to alert the Welcome & Success Center at 913-897-8539.


Resources for Teaching and Planning

KU Writing Center

Access to virtual peer consultants to help improve students' outlining, drafting, writing and editing skills.

ADA Compliant Syllabus

Learn more about the process to assist students with ADA information on your syllabus.

Faculty Committees

Meet the members of the committee on the KU Edwards Faculty Steering Committee. You may also connect to request more information or apply to join the committee.


Faculty Development Opportunities

Check out upcoming faculty-focused professional development opportunities hosted by KU Edwards Center for Faculty and Academic Administration and the KU Edwards Faculty Steering Committee


Helpful Services for Students

Learn about the KUEC student success values (pdf) and how we stay true to them (pdf).

University Academic Support Centers (UASC)

The UASC offers services and programs to assist you in your academic success and to enhance your collegiate experience at KU. It also coordinates services for students with disabilities. Students must provide UASC with qualifying documentation of disability to be eligible for services.


KU Edwards Campus Psychological Clinic (KUEC-PC)

The KUEC-PC provides KU Edwards Campus students with low-cost, confidential psychotherapy (online and on-campus) for a full range of mental health concerns. KUEC-PC staff are available to treat students and/or connect them with local resources.

Tech Support for Students

KU Edwards offers full IT support services for both students and staff. Our service directory can help you or your students find exactly what you’re looking for.

The KU Edwards Advantage

KU Edwards Campus offers the edge students need to boost employability, engage in civic responsibility, and strengthen skills through action.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The center organizes workshops, seminars, discussion forums, and other opportunities that support teaching faculty in their efforts to enhance learning in their classrooms.

Center for Online and Distance Learning

The center offers a wide range of pedagogy and media expertise to help faculty envision and implement online and hybrid courses. At any stage in course development, we serve the needs of instructors to deliver the highest quality online education students expect at the University of Kansas.



KU Edwards Campus Technology Request Forms

Select and complete one of these forms to request a variety of IT Services.


KU IT Canvas LMS Course Shell Request Form

Request that KUIT create a new practice, development , or non-academic course shell in Canvas.

Marketing Request Form

Fill out this form to contact the Edwards Campus Marketing team to submit a project request.

Data Request Form

Fill out this form to contact the KU Edwards Campus Data Analyst to request specific data.

After-Hours Access Request Form (pdf)

Submit this form to request after-hours access to the Edwards Campus.