Bachelor's degree in Literature, Language and Writing and certificates in Creative and Analytical Writing, and Critical Thinking and Writing

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The versatility to take you anywhere

Communication skills, creativity and critical thinking are among the most in-demand skills for successful employees. KU’s literature, language and writing undergraduate programs develop life-long writing, communication and critical thinking skills that set you up for advanced degrees and professional achievement in a wide range of fields. Here are a few of the ways professionals with a background in literature, language and writing apply their knowledge in the working world:

  • Technical writing, such as instructional manuals, project proposals or business correspondence
  • Editing print or electronic materials to ensure accuracy, correct spelling and grammar
  • Creating, assigning and collaborating on marketing materials and campaigns
  • Providing clear, constructive critical feedback on projects and proposals
  • Writing compelling speeches or public messaging
  • Authoring of books, articles or other media and literature; journalism
  • Library science

What career possibilities does a literature, language and writing degree offer?

A Literature, Language and Writing degree can lead to successful careers and further learning in a variety of fields, including business, education, marketing, publishing, social media management, non-profit fundraising, public administration and law.

Literature, Language and Writing career options - Social Media Manager, Copy Editor, Marketing Copywriter, Technical Writer, Fundraiser, Lawyer, Human Resources Specialist, Teacher

Is a literature, language and writing undergraduate program right for you?

KU’s literature, language and writing undergraduate programs are designed with hands-on experience and career application in mind. Responsive to how English studies are evolving, KU’s programs emphasize community and global engagement. Students can complete a degree that opens doors to further learning and career options.


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What literature, language and writing programs are available at KU?

KU offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Literature, Language and Writing, as well as undergraduate certificate programs in Creative and Analytical Writing and Critical Thinking and Writing. Students are able to complete one of the certificates while working toward earning the full degree. At KU, you have considerable flexibility to choose courses matching your interests and goals. View the options below and download a program guide for more information on each program.

  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Literature, Language and Writing
  • Creative and Analytical Writing certificate
  • Critical Thinking and Writing certificate

The KU Edwards Campus also offers an English minor. Visit our minors page to learn more.

B.A./B.G.S. in Literature, Language and Writing course breakdown 30 credit hours - 9 hours English elective courses, 9 hours Writing or English required electives, 12 hours core skills courses English Minor course breakdown 18 credit hours - 6 hours electives, 12 hours courses from approved categoriesCreative and Analytical Writing Certificate course breakdown 12 hours - 6 hours creative writing courses, 6 hours writing about ideas coursesCritical Thinking and Writing Certificate course breakdown  12 hours - 6 hours critical thinking and writing courses, 6 hours writing about ideas courses
Why start a Literature, Language and Writing program at KU?


  • Curriculum allows you to choose courses that match your interests and goals
  • Afternoon, evening, online and hybrid courses
  • Two undergraduate certificate options, which may be completed by taking courses that would also apply toward their bachelor's degree
  • MetroKC tuition rate available for local Missouri students


  • Instruction from experienced, published faculty
  • One-on-one connections with instructors
  • Emphasis on student engagement


  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow
  • Opportunities for undergraduate research, internships and study abroad
  • Focus on problem solving and community engagement

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