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The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15 percent increase in demand for dietitians and nutritionists by 2026. Professionals with a background in nutrition apply their knowledge in a variety of fields. A nutrition professional’s duties might include:

  • Providing nutrition or health education in a school or community setting
  • Creating a nutrition or diet plan for professional or student athletes
  • Helping a large company develop a wellness plan for employees
  • Conducting food safety audits

What career possibilities does a certificate in nutrition offer?

Many careers related to public health, food manufacturing, wellness and more draw on a background in nutrition. KU’s online minor and undergraduate certificate programs allow students to apply a specified background to their studies in several academic disciplines.

Nutrition - Public Health, Nutrition and Health Education, Weight Management, Nutrition Consulting, Sports Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Safety, Corporate Wellness

Is a KU online certificate in nutrition right for you?

With a curriculum focused on the role of nutrition in a wide range of areas, KU’s undergraduate certificate provides a useful area of focus for your degree or professional background, helping you become more marketable in a growing career field. Pursue an undergraduate certificate to earn a valuable credential and help start or refocus your work in a nutrition-related field. Alternately, a certificate in nutrition can supplement your undergraduate studies to prepare you for a successful career in health, nutrition, wellness, fitness and beyond. The courses and credential from the nutrition program may make you more successful in continuing your education in graduate school.


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What nutrition programs are available at the KU Edwards Campus?

KU offers a minor and an undergraduate certificate program in nutrition. Both programs are offered entirely online. 

Undergraduate minor program in nutrition - course breakdown 18 credit hours - 6 hours of electives, 12 credit hours of required coursesUndergraduate certificate in nutrition course breakdown - 12 credit hours of required courses
Why study nutrition at KU?


  • Online, asynchronous courses
  • Earn the certificate by completing just four courses
  • Online office hours with instructors


  • Globally respected academics
  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • KU is one of 38 public university members of the prestigious Association of American Universities, a group of America's leading research universities


  • In-demand professional skillset
  • Applies to a variety of degrees and careers
  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow

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