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  • Bachelor of Social Work Degree

Bachelor of Social Work Degree

Bacehlor of Social Work

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The Opportunity to Serve

Social workers help people in their everyday lives, providing services to individuals, families, and communities. With a social work degree, you will identify and serve clients who need help with a wide range of challenges, including poverty, addiction, mental health issues or family welfare issues.

A social worker’s duties might include:

  • Researching, referring or advocating for community resources such as food stamps, childcare or healthcare that improve a client’s well-being
  • Working with clients to assess their situation, needs, strengths and support networks
  • Responding to family crisis situations such as family violence, child abuse or neglect
  • Helping clients through major life changes or challenges, such as unemployment or illness
  • Addressing social justice issues in daily work and through policy advocacy
  • Maintaining case records and files

What jobs can I get with a Bachelor of Social Work?

Social workers use their skills in a wide range of settings, including schools, refugee resettlement agencies, hospitals, mental health centers, and individual and family service agencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of child, family and school social workers is projected to grow 14 percent by 2026. Employment of healthcare social workers is expected to grow 20 percent by 2026, outpacing the average for all other occupations.

What can I do with a Bachelor of Social Work degree?

Is the Bachelor of Social Work right for me?

KU’s Bachelor of Social Work degree is designed for undergraduate students seeking upper-level social work courses to complete their degree. Many program graduates continue with their studies to earn a Master of Social Work in one more year and advance their career in either clinical or macro practice.

How is the Bachelor of Social Work program structured?

The Bachelor of Social Work degree program at KU requires 120 total hours of course work, including a senior year practicum placement. Senior B.S.W. students spend a minimum of 480 clock hours (12 credit hours) in practicum with social work agencies and settings that include public health clinics, court services, child welfare agencies and community development projects. This two-semester hands-on process provides students with outstanding professional knowledge and real-world experience upon graduation.

bachelor of social work credit hours

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Why a KU social work degree?


  • Afternoon and evening courses
  • Advanced standing master’s degree option
  • Transfer your courses to complete your degree


  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • CSWE Accreditation
  • BSW licensing pass rate 10 percentage points above the national average


  • Strong relationships with regional social work employers
  • Cutting-edge research informing BSW instruction
  • Education that prepares you for a real-world career

Download your Bachelor of Social Work Program Guide Download guide

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Amea Chandler
Social Welfare Academic Success Coach
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