Undergraduate Law and Society Degree Program

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Help shape society with an undergraduate law degree in law and society

Law and society is an interdisciplinary field that examines how law works in practice in public administration, courts, the non-profit sector, policy, policing, and the justice system. Law professionals working at various professional levels help shape government and address crime and other societal problems. According to the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), law and society jobs are expected to increase by over 1000 in the Kansas City area by 2024, with a significant demand among the region’s police departments.

A professional working in law’s duties might include:

  • Analyzing and explaining key public issues and their impact on the public at large
  • Defining ethical leadership and evaluating its importance in contemporary government and public administration
  • Explaining how public policy is formulated and implemented
  • Analyzing how law works in public administration, courts, non-profits, policy, policing, and the justice system as a whole
  • Examining legal policy, legal institutions, social movements, psychological attitudes and perceptions, managerial processes, and social structures

What jobs can I get with a law and society degree?

Professionals in law-based careers use their skills in a variety of settings, including courts, criminal justice organizations, police departments, nonprofit associations, governmental and political institutions, policy think tanks and human rights or social justice groups.

Law and Society - Research Analyst, Law Enforcement Officer, Probation Officer, Judicial Law Clerk, Legislative Analyst, Paralegal, Detective, Social Worker, Nonprofit Administrator


Is a law and society undergraduate education right for me?

KU’s law and society undergraduate program examines how the law shapes government, the justice system, crime and other social problems, as well as how social movements, officials, professionals, and ordinary people in every walk of life use law to bring change and improve society. The program is ideal for students looking to enter law school, law enforcement or public administration. The KU Edwards Campus is the only institution in the Kansas City area to offer this in-demand degree.


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How is the undergraduate law and society program structured?

KU’s Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society consists of 27 credit hours, including five core LWS courses and four interdisciplinary elective courses in areas related to law and society. Complete LWS course list can be found in the KU course catalog.  In addition to these courses, students need to complete the university's requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of General Studies.

The KU Edwards Campus also offers a law and society minor. Visit our minors page to learn more.

Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society 27 credit hours plus KU undergraduate requirements, 12 hours of elective Law and Society Coursework, 15 hours of core law and society coursework
Why study Law and Society at KU?


  • Applicable to a variety of careers
  • Evening classes to fit your busy schedule
  • MetroKC tuition rate available for Missouri students


  • Offered through KU’s nationally-ranked School of Public Affairs & Administration
  • Faculty include members of the National Academy of Public Administration
  • Program unique to the KU Edwards Campus


  • Hands-on curriculum with real-world application, including internship and research opportunities
  • Emphasizes characteristics to help you succeed in the field
  • Provides a starting point for law enforcement training, law school and other post-graduate education

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