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  • Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Assessment & Certificates in Environmental Assessment and Environmental Justice

Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Assessment & Certificates in Environmental Assessment and Environmental Justice

environmental assessment degree

Download your Environmental Assessment Program Guide Download guide

Join a growing job field in environmental assessment

The world’s growing population, and our growing understanding of problems caused by environmental degradation, means there is a growing need for environmental science professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for environmental scientists and specialists is expected to grow 11 percent by 2026, faster than the average for all professions.

An environmental scientist or specialist’s duties might include:

  • Assessing potential impacts to the environment by impending development projects
  • Providing information and guidance to government officials, businesses or the public about possible environmental hazards or health risks
  • Working with governments at the local, state or national level on environmental public policy

What jobs can I get with a Professional Science Master's (PSM) in environmental assessment?

Environmental scientists apply their knowledge to a variety of industries that work with infrastructure and policy, including environmental impact assessment firms, engineering firms, state or local government agencies or construction firms.

What can I do with an environmental assessment master's degree?

Is environmental assessment graduate education right for me?

KU's environmental assessment graduate programs are designed for students interest in a wide range of environmental issues. These programs combine physical and natural science with project management and communications training to develop science professionals with the skills to accurately collect and clearly communicate data, as well as successfully lead teams.

What environmental assessment graduate programs are available at KU?

KU offers three options of environmental assessment programs. See the choices below and download the program guides for more information. Each guide provides the program’s curriculum, career paths, admissions information, tuition and more.

Find out which environmental assessment graduate program is right for you. Learn More

Accelerated Master’s Degree (4+1)

Save time and money by earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at KU in only five years.

The KU environmental studies accelerated master’s degree program is designed for qualified students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental studies degree tracks. The program allows a student to complete the Professional Science Masters (PSM) in Environmental Assessment graduate degree in a single year, or five years total for both degrees. Talk to your academic advisor for more information about this program option.

Why choose KU for environmental assessment?


  • Online, on-site and hybrid course formats
  • GRE not required for 3.0 and above undergrad GPAs
  • Accelerated 4+1 master’s option


  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • Globally recognized academics
  • KU is one of 34 members of AAU


  • Courses designed for science and technology professionals
  • Learn it today, use it tomorrow
  • Versatile skillset designed for use in your scientific field

Download your Environmental Assessment Program Guide Download guide

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