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  • Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work

Masters of Social Welfare

Download your Master of Social Work Program Guide Download guide

Expand your career opportunities

Social work professionals provide services that help individuals, families and communities on a daily basis. A Master of Social Work degree expands your employment opportunities in this growing field, preparing you for clinical social work practice or client-centered and community-centered administrative practice. An MSW-accredited social worker’s duties might include:

  • Providing support to patients with chronic or terminal illnesses, and their families
  • Addressing social justice issues in daily work and through policy advocacy
  • Working with children in an educational setting to aid with academic or personal problems
  • Providing psychotherapy and counseling services to clients in a clinical setting
  • Helping to run clinics or non-profit organizations that provide social services

What career possibilities does a Master of Social Work degree offer?

An MSW degree opens up more options for employment and helps you quickly advance your career. Professionals with a Master of Social Work apply their skills in settings such as non-profit management, public policy development, healthcare, mental health and education. The state of Kansas currently has a 94 percent employment rate for MSW graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work employment is projected to grow 16 percent by 2026.

what can I do with a social work degree?

Is the Master of Social Work right for you?

KU’s Master of Social Work degree is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and seek advanced courses to focus their study and further their career in the Social Work field. KU’s MSW program is the only one in Kansas and the greater Kansas City area to offer both clinical and administrative degree specializations, allowing students to strengthen their clinical skills as well as their leadership abilities.

How is the Master of Social Work degree structured?

The Master of Social Work degree program offers two plans of study. The Regular plan of study, which admits individuals with any accredited bachelor’s degree requires 64 credit hours, including 28 credit hours of practicum and can be completed in two years. The Advanced Standing plan of study is a one-year program which admits individuals with a BSW degree from a Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited program who have strong academic records requires 38 credit hours including 14 credit hours of practicum and can be completed in one year.

Explore the curriculumLearn more

Why a KU social work degree?


  • Afternoon, evening and blended format courses
  • One-year completion option through Advanced Standing plan of study
  • Practicum (or internship) built into curriculum


  • Credentialed, experienced and passionate faculty
  • CSWE Accreditation
  • Ranked in the top 12 percent of public institutions
  • Classes that are demanding and rewarding


  • More than 50% of our graduates obtain full-time employment at their practicum site after graduation
  • Two areas of degree specialization
  • 94% employment rate for MSW graduates in Kansas

Download your Master of Social Work Program Guide Download guide

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Amea Chandler
Social Welfare Academic Success Coach
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