Renee Williams

Renee Williams
  • MS Ed
  • Senior Academic Advisor

Contact Info

Regents Center 111


Hometown: I was born in Stone Mountain, GA, but I’ve lived many places

Degrees held: BA in Psychology (Honors) from the University of Southern Mississippi, Masters of Science in Education (Special Education) from KU

I am an Academic Advisor because: I really enjoy helping and coaching people to reach their goals, whatever those may be. I love seeing people succeed! I learned as an undergraduate student, far, far from home that a good adviser can make a lot of difference to one’s college experience, and that motivates me to be as good an adviser as I can be. Students need someone on their success team they know they can come to with issues, questions, problems, and successes. I love meeting and talking with new people – people have the most amazing stories! The coaching metaphor really fits the way KU Edwards Campus works in that we’re all on the same team!