KU degrees for pre-law in Kansas City

Female pre law student in mock courtroom

While there is no specific "pre-law degree," those interested in the legal profession may find these bachelor's degrees relevant to their interests and career goals.

Continue your path to law school at the KU Edwards Campus

According to U.S. News & World Report, experts urge students pursuing law school admission to take pre-law courses that develop critical and abstract thinking, and to focus on rigorous undergraduate majors that will prepare them for academic success.

Bryanna Hanschu, former director of recruiting for the KU School of Law says the following about what the school looks for in prospective students on how to get into law school at KU:

"At KU Law, we are looking for two things in applicants. First, the ‘academic achievement side,’ which is made up of your LSAT score and GPA. Second, the intangible ‘impact’ side, which is a demonstration that you will not only make an impact in law school, but after law school in the community as well. You can demonstrate your impact by being involved in student groups, employment, and dedicating yourself to something you are passionate about."

At the KU Edwards Campus (KUEC), you can explore your passions, gain valuable professional and academic skills and demonstrate your impact with a variety of hands-on and experiential learning focused on critical thinking, language, public administration and justice. KUEC is an ideal starting point for continued study that can help you get into law school and beyond. As a KUEC student, you’ll receive high-quality instruction from experienced, credentialed instructors, and with evening and online courses, you can learn at a pace that fits your needs. If you are exploring pre-law programs, how to get a law degree or how to become a lawyer, reviewing these options is a great next step.

Why continue your pre-law pathway at the KU Edwards Campus?

  • Evening and online classes available
  • MetroKC tuition rate available for Missouri students
  • Credentialed, experienced faculty
  • Opportunity to graduate with honors from a Research I, AAU member, which may strengthen your law school application
  • Strong alumni network with connections to Kansas City institutions and organizations
  • Solid foundation for law school at KU or other area institutions

Programs relevant to pre-law education in Kansas City

The KU Edwards Campus offers a wide variety of programs providing rigorous academic backgrounds, and the resources and prestige of a Research One university. The following programs can be a springboard for a law degree:

Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice encompasses law enforcement, corrections, policy, and court administration. This can provide a strong background for those interested in entering criminal law professions.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

Gain knowledge and skills for planning, implementing and evaluating public programs, and develop your critical thinking and analytical thinking skills related to public policy.

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Language and Writing

Pursue coursework that covers technical writing, analytical writing, critical thinking, communication skills and more.

Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society

Build a strong background in law, government, the justice system, and social problems and movements.