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Welcome & Success Center

The University of Kansas Edwards Campus

My Campus Resources

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Setting up Accommodations

  1. Register and apply for accommodations through University Academic Support Centers
    1. Choose the red Apply Here New Student Application if you are applying for the first time.
    2. If you are a returning student, choose Access Online Registered Student Login.
  2. Compile and upload your documentation to support your accommodation request.
    1. Specific documentation information can be found at: Disability Documentation Guidelines
  3. Monitor your email closely for important information from UASC.
  4. Your documentation will be reviewed by your assigned specialist.
  5. Your specialist will work with you to set up an intake appointment at the Edwards Campus.
  6. Have Questions, email Misty Chandler for more information - Misty.Chandler@ku.edu

Setting up Testing Accommodations at the Edwards Campus:

  1. For Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 all accomodations for testing will happen through your class instructor. Please contact them for more information.  

Community Resources / Mental Health Support

  1. Community Resources - If you need support with low cost healthcare, food & utility assistance, substance abuse, shelter information, and / or other support that is in Johnson county, please visit MyResourceConnection.org or call 913-826-4200.  
  2. If you are wanting some assistance on determining resources available to you for mental health needs, your Academic Success Coach is a great place to start. To schedule an appointment today contact the Welcome Center at 913.897.8539 or schedule online at:
    1. Undergrad – Jayhawk GPs
    2. Graduate – Call 913-897-8539
  3. If you know you would like to talk to a licensed psychologist, the Edwards Psychological Clinic is a good option for you. The Clinicians are available for free intake appointments and will meet with you at the Edwards campus. For scheduling information, visit the Edwards Psychological Clinic or call 785-864-4121.
  4. Need Immediate help or crisis care? Use one of these available help lines:
    1. Johnson County Mental Health Crisis Line at 913-268-0156
    2. ULifeline http://www.ulifeline.org/UKansas/get_help_now provides quick text support to KU students as well as a list of topic-specific 24-hour hotlines to call/text anytime.
    3. The MHAH Compassionate Ear Warmline is available daily, 4pm-10pm CST (including weekends and holidays), for non-emergency mental health support. 913-281-2251. 
    4. Wyandotte Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare – 913.788.4200 (crisis line) or 913.788.4200 (non-emergency support Wyandotte, KS)
    5. Comprehensive Mental Health – 888.279.8188 (Western MO regional crisis line)
    6. Research Psychiatric Hospital – 844.207.4511 (crisis line) or 816.444.8161 (Kansas City, MO) 

KU Online Bookstore

The KU Edwards Campus no longer offers a physical bookstore. However, the KU online bookstore provides a wide array of materials and allows access whenever you need it. The KU Bookstore provides Edwards campus students with free shipping on their textbooks at specific points in the semester. Check your KU email or use the promotion code Fall20 between Aug15 and Aug30 for Free Shipping .

Here’s how to find your textbooks via the online bookstore:

  1. Your Textbooks for classes can be found at the KU Bookstore website
    1. Choose the FIND YOUR Textbooks Here link on the left side of the page.
  2. You will need your class schedule to enter the Term, Department, Course, and Section information for each class.
    • Directions on how to access your class schedule can be found at: Link to Print / Find My class Schedule.
  3. If your textbook information is not within the bookstore system, please email your professor directly for the most current textbook information.
  4. If you are purchasing textbooks with a voucher, a third party payment, follow these instructions (pdf).
    • Need help with the third party bookstore voucher? contact Lisa Browning for assistance at lbrownin@ku.edu

Have Questions? Check out our FAQ (pdf) or contact the Welcome Center for assistance: 913-897-8539

Writing Assistance

You can get writing assistance in the following ways at the Edwards Campus: Consultation Online (Videoconference) and eTutoring (submitting paper via email). Consultations online are live feedback conversations with a writing specialist. This allows you immediate dialogue with a trained professional focused on your individual writing. The eTutoring option allows you to submit your document for review via email.

In either of these cases, you will need to schedule an appointment using the following process:

  1. Go to writing.ku.edu. On the left side of the page, select the blue box Schedule An Appointment
  2. Complete the registration information. You only have to do this the first time you use assistance.
    • You can find your student ID number by looking at your ID card or accessing your admissions letter.
  3. Once you have registered, choose the drop down box at the center of the top of the page, choose eTutoring & Videoconfernces
  4. In the schedule look open appointments or the white boxes.
  5. Complete the information and hit submit.
  6. Make sure to mark this on your calendar.

Need help with the appointment process? Email writing@ku.edu or call 785.864.2399

Library Assistance / Library Book Pick Up & Drop Off

At the KU Edwards Campus, you have access to a wide range of library resources, including physical texts, databases, journals, and periodicals. Librarians are available during specific times at the Edwards campus to help you directly.

Librarian Hours at Edwards: Suspended due to COVID 19

To r access a librarian online, use the following process:

  1. Go to lib.ku.edu.
    1. On the right you can Ask a Librarian.
      1. Librarians are available to connect with you via chat, email, phone, or text during their posted hours.
    2. In the Get Help box you can explore your Subject & Course Guides
      1. Librarians have created these pages to ensure you are searching the databases that are for your discipline.

Need help with your research? Contact Watson Library at 785-864-3347 for more information.

Veteran / Vocational Rehabilitation Services

As a student veteran, accessing your benefits can be a cumbersome process. Fortunately, the Edwards Campus is here to help you every step of the way. Student veterans also have access to the new Veterans lounge located in the Regents Center room 211. This is your space to relax, grab a bite to eat between classes and engage with others.

The Veterans Affairs and Tuition Assistance Process can be explored through these easy steps:

  1. Go to Edwards Campus Military and Veteran Support Services.
  2. Choose New and returning military-affiliated students using Veteran Affairs benefits or New and returning students using military tuition assistance
  3. Follow the steps provided.
  4. Call the Welcome Center to schedule an appointment with Lisa Browning to discuss any questions you may have about the VA or TA process.

To discuss your Vocational Rehabilitation paperwork and benefits, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with Lisa Browning.

  1. Call the Welcome Center at 913-897-8539 to schedule a meeting.

Need help with your benefits? Contact Lisa Browning at lbrownin@ku.edu.

Student Health Insurance Options

The Kansas Board of Regents sponsors an insurance option tailored for students. Follow this process to explore available insurance plans:

  1. Go to United Healthcare Student Resources
  2. Choose The University of Kansas
  3. Select your Student Status: Domestic Student or International Student.
  4. Explore the plans available.
  5. These plans are most effective when used at Watkins Health Center in Lawrence or Medical Center student health departments.

Have questions on Student Health Insurance, explore Watkins Health Center or call 785-864-9500

Mothering Room

The KU Edwards Campus is committed to meeting your individual mothering needs. The Mothering room is located in the Regents Center (210H) and is available for use while you are on campus. To access this room, you will:

  1. Call public safety at 913-897-8700.
  2. They will guide you to the room, unlock, and show you where you can wash items and store items as needed.

Have questions on our Mothering Room? Call us at 913-897-8539 for more information.