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  • Student Services - Enhancing Career Skills

Welcome & Success Center

The University of Kansas Edwards Campus

Enhancing My Career Skills & My Career Network

The Edwards Campus is committed to helping you accomplish your career goals, and offers resources to help you find career solutions on how to navigate the career change process, career mobility, and / or develop strategies for that first career conversation.

The below programs represent partnerships and collaborations to help you get the resources you need. We recommend starting at the top of the list and working downwards. Access as many as you need to help you feel confident in your next steps.

Jayhawk Ready

Jayhawk Ready provides resources focused on career outcomes in four areas: Explore, prepare, implement and connect. Check out the program milestones and completion timelines: Milestones

You can:

  • Explore careers, majors, and internships. 
  • Prepare resumes and cover letters
  • Prepare for interviews, including researching employers and salary negotiations.
  • Implement a career action plan. Learn how to accept/reject a job offer and identify what hiring documentation looks like.
  • Connect to a professional network, transform your LinkedIn profile, and master the interview process.

Explore Jayhawk Ready

DeBruce Foundation - Agilities

DeBruce Foundation - Agilities

Have you ever wondered what your key agilities are in the workplace? The DeBruce foundation has developed an Agile Work Profiler assessment that will help you determine what skills and attributes you bring to a new career opportunity. Through an analysis of all occupations within the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10 skills emerged as being present in varying amounts in every career pathway. Learn more about what agilities you already have and those that you want to develop in the future without creating a profile.

Explore the Agilities Work Profiler

Jayhawk Career Network

The Jayhawk network is one of the most powerful assets to your career outcomes after achieving your college degree. The Jayhawk Career Network program is designed to connect Jayhawks with other Jayhawks who are committed to your success. This is where students and alumni come together to access career resources, jobs, events, programming, and mentorship opportunities.

To get started click on the link below, choose “Join our Community,” create your profile and get started building relationships and exploring how the Jayhawk network can work for you.

Explore the Jayhawk Career Network

Jayhawk Career Network

Advanced Professional Skills Cert

The Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Skills is your way to gain essential career skills that make you marketable in your future positions and this certificate can be completed within the academic coursework necessary for your degree completion. This certificate can be added to your major as a supplemental credential.

These 12 credits are focused on understanding your personal strengths, integrating both professional and personal reflection, capitalizing on personal self-discovery, and building on individual identity development, career aspirations, and talents to explore professional options available within your disciplines.

Under Construction

Health Sciences Career Coach

If you are a participant in a Health Science Program at the Edwards Campus, you have a personalized career coach to help you connect to resources, review your materials, and connect you to health sciences professionals. Contact Anne Palmer, Health Sciences Career Coach, for more information:

Phone: 785-864-7839
Office Location: Regents Center Room 210J

Send Anne Palmer an Email