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Build a pipeline of talent flowing into your organization

Work with the University of Kansas to use your demand for talent to create a new supply of talent – specifically for your organization. By leveraging what you already invest in acquiring new employees, you may be able to build a customized, predictable stream of new employees filling the mission-critical roles in your organization. You can also substantially increase the skills and knowledge of your current team members through KU TalentEd.

Watch how KU TalentEd works

Do you need KU TalentEd?

Does your organization have critical positions that are difficult to fill?

Do you need to fill many of these positions each year?

Does your organization suffer opportunity costs when these positions go unfilled?

Is it expensive to find and recruit people to fill your critical positions?

Do you spend too much time and money training and onboarding after you hire?

Is attrition in your organization’s critical positions too high?

Fill positions and start careers in numerous areas

  • Bioscience and biotechnology
  • Information technology and cybersecurity
  • Business, accounting, finance and banking
  • Leadership and management
  • Environmental science
  • Public services and administration
  • Engineering and project management
  • Data, analytics and statistics
  • And many more!

Educational programming for your new talent can draw from KU’s hundreds of academic degree and certificate programs and non-credit programs, depending on your needs. Formal education can range from a few weeks (professional education) to two or more years (degrees). Because the student-employees are working for you and simultaneously receiving education throughout KU TalentEd, you begin to receive value quickly, and that value increases during the program. Both you and KU will recruit student-employees from current KU programs, local community colleges, workforce boards, your employees and the general public.

See KU TalentEd in action

Your current new talent costs

  • Opportunity cost of empty positions
  • Temps, contractors, etc.
  • Recruiting, incentives, visas, relocation, etc.
  • Onboarding
  • On-the-job training
  • Early attrition
  • Hiring regrets

New uses of resources

  • Compensating student-employees for work for your organization
  • Tuition assistance (may be tax deductible)
  • Participation in education

Return on investment

  • Filled positions
  • Predictable talent pipeline
  • Job-ready new employees
  • Better retention
  • Positive brand impact
  • Opportunities to diversify your workforce
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Start meeting workforce needs

KU TalentEd is a public-private partnership inspired by numerous successful models in workforce development. It creates value for each party involved.

Potential benefits for employers

  • Fill positions, eliminate lost productivity or revenue
  • Gain immediately knowledgeable and skilled new staff members
  • Increase hiring pipeline confidence
  • Reduce recruiting costs
  • Improve retention
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Upskill your current team members

Potential benefits for student-employees

  • High quality education
  • Opportunity for a great job and career
  • Affordable education

Potential benefits for KU

  • Fulfill our mission of serving students
  • Fulfill our mission of serving the local economy and community
  • Create opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion