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Academics & Policies

ADA Compliant Syllabus
Learn more about the process to assist students with ADA information on your syllabus.

Cancelation of Classes
When there is the possibility of inclement weather, please call our class cancelation line at 913-897-8499 for Edwards Campus closings. It is rare classes are ever canceled at the Edwards Campus. If you need to cancel your class for personal reasons, it is your responsibility to contact your students by email or telephone. It is also helpful to alert our reception desk at 913-897-8400.

Class Rosters
Discover how to access, monitor and utilize your class roster. Faculty may request a copy of their class roster at the Regents Center reception desk.

Final Exams
During finals week, final examinations should be given during your last regularly scheduled class time. If you have a student(s) who has a time conflict with the Lawrence campus final examination schedule, please contact Misty Chandler, director of student services, at misty.chandler@ku.edu.

Inform students about how to check grades and follow their progress throughout the semester.

Please encourage students to contact you via email or phone to report absences. Only in an emergency should students call the Edwards Campus to report a last minute absence prior to class. Staff will attempt to get a message to your classroom.

Proctoring Student Exams
Proctoring exams is the responsibility of the faculty who is teaching the course. Sometimes, however, there is a need for an individual student to complete an exam outside of the regularly scheduled class period. If this is the case, faculty can make arrangements for the exam to be given in the Edwards Campus administrative conference room by contacting Lisa Browning at lbrownin@ku.edu. Please do your best to keep these requests to a minimum.

University Policies
KU is here to serve students, faculty and the community. Recognize the University’s dedication to excellence by understanding and following its policies and procedures in the classroom.