Opportunities Abound in the Science Transfer Community

Join a community of like-minded students who are ready to take the leap to a bachelor’s degree in the sciences.

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Streamline your entry into higher education at KU Edwards Campus

Since its inception, KUEC has provided a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs to working professionals. Our evening and online classes allow our students to balance work, family, and education.

If you are currently earning an associate’s degree and interested in moving into a scientific field that requires a more advanced degree, KUEC’s transfer programs can help you turn your associate’s degree into a bachelor’s in science. The Science Transfer Community is here to make that transition easier for you.

What is the Science Transfer Community?

Verónica Rodríguez-Méndez, Transfer and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, and Support Services for Undocumented Students, also takes care of the Transfer Community. 

“Transfer Communities give you a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities within your academic field of interest,” Verónica says. “Students can engage in hands-on events and have meaningful discussions with other students, faculty, and staff at the KU Edwards campus, preparing them for a seamless transition to our campus.”

The Science Transfer Community at KUEC is filled with highly-engaged faculty and offers specially-designed opportunities for hands-on experience, and connects students to Kansas City’s many science-related industries. 

Prospective science students who want to complete their bachelor’s degree at KUEC are encouraged to join the Science Transfer Community – a group of incoming transfer students also preparing to finish their science degree. Access to labs, equipment, and many unique learning opportunities will help you feel like a member of the KU Edwards Campus even before you take your first class. 

Why should I join the Science Transfer Community?

There are several benefits to joining a transfer community at KUEC. Joining the Science Transfer Community can help you establish relationships with KUEC faculty and staff early on and will help you develop a personalized academic plan so you can successfully graduate. Students who join engage in social and professional events at both KUEC and your community college and are provided leadership opportunities throughout the Kansas City area.

Through the transfer community, incoming students make connections with success staff, faculty, and even industry experts through internships, volunteer initiatives, and jobs. More importantly, when you join the Science Transfer Community, you will have an Academic Success Coach assigned to you while you’re still finishing your associate’s.

What exactly is an Academic Success Coach?

“We are like an academic mentor, recruiter, adviser, and coach all rolled up into one,” said Renee Williams, Academic Success Coach (ASC) for the Science Transfer Community. She, like other ASCs, will start working with her students as early as possible to make sure they are taking the right courses for their desired major, and will also make sure those courses will transfer. 

Coaches like Williams also help potential students learn more about their degree program and professional field to make sure both are a good fit. Academic Success Coaches help make students’ transition to KUEC as smooth and seamless as possible.

How does an Academic Advisor help transfer students?

“Because my programs are all heavily science-based, we have a lot of science pre-reqs to complete while at a community college, and they need to be done in order,” Williams said. “I can help students stay on track with that.”

The applied biological sciences degree – KUEC’s main program for students aspiring to go to med school – can be rigorous, and requires long-term planning. Williams can answer questions about prerequisite courses, required volunteer hours, MCAT, med school applications, interviews, and more. The biotechnology program includes a required internship and a year-long Capstone research project, so she helps students through that process as well.

Students in any program at KUEC can contact their Academic Advisors any time to discuss admissions requirements, the enrollment process, class schedules, program curriculum, and more. 

They’re also there to answer basic questions regarding the financial aid process, available scholarships, grants, and loans. Your Academic Advisor can also schedule time for you to talk in depth with Jose Trujillo, the KU Edwards’ Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Williams said, “The Academic Advisor model shows benefits for all students, with the long-term relationships that are generated from the way we do things.”

Join the KUEC Honors Program

Incoming students who qualify can also participate in the KUEC Honors Program, an extension of KU’s top-ranked University Honors Program. Students who qualify for the program receive all the benefits of one of the top research universities in the United States with all the coziness of a small liberal arts university experience. 

Honors students are involved in hands-on learning and receive personalized advising, and take challenging, specially-designed courses that can lead to graduate-level research and study abroad programs, as well as high placement in graduate school. Learn more here

Set up an appointment with your academic advisor today.

If you are attending a community college and have your eye on getting a bachelor’s degree, contact the Transfer Community to talk about your transfer options. Advisors are available by phone, through online meetings, and email to answer your questions, and would love to give you a tour around the campus. 

Williams added, “I’d like to give lots of encouragement for students thinking about BSCI or BTEC to make an appointment with me – early and often! 😊”

Further information:
The Biotechnology seniors do a Capstone project in order to graduate – here is more information

Pre-Med Club
Are you a pre-med student and looking to connect with others on a similar path through professional development opportunities? Email griffin.schenk@ku.edu for more info.

Check out the Science Transfer Community here! Contact Renee Williams to get started today! 

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