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Take 24 Hours to Make a Lifetime of Difference

January 22nd, 2019 -- Hannah Michelle...
The annual One Day. One KU. campaign empowers donors at all levels to make a lasting impact on learners and the community.
Story by Hannah Lemon

Celebrate the second-annual One Day. One KU. giving campaign on Feb. 20. With a minimum donation of $5, One Day. One KU. gives donors at all levels a chance to make a difference.

“The inaugural One Day. One KU. campaign resulted in the highest number of gifts ever given to KU Edwards in one day,” said David Cook, vice chancellor of the KU Edwards Campus (KUEC). “If we come together and pool our resources, we can affect significant change. Whether it’s to show your Jayhawk pride, to give back to the program or cause most important to you, or to help bolster the future of the workforce and community, this is your opportunity to give what you can and witness the results.”

One such result of the inaugural campaign: Nicole Mossberger, a student in the literature, language and writing program at the Edwards Campus was able to purchase books and supplies with her micro-scholarship of $100. A transfer student from Johnson County Community College and Shawnee Mission South graduate, Mossberger said this support was just what she needed as she began her program.

“You wouldn’t think $100 would be a lot, but it helped me pay for a book in full,” she said. “I didn’t have to rent or borrow it. This kind of thing can really help a lot. Even more importantly, receiving the micro-scholarship was a strong encouragement for me to work even harder toward my goals.”

Through KUEC’s participation in the 2018 campaign, 20 students with high, unmet financial need received micro-grants of $100, making it possible for them to begin their education at the Edwards Campus. More than 37 percent of KUEC students work more than 40 hours a week, and another 25 percent work at least 30 hours a week. More than a third have children high-school age or younger. Finances are a major obstacle for the working professional and underrepresented students. Enrollment fees, transportation and family expenses are road blocks for those who would otherwise be eligible for financial aid. Scholarships provide critical assistance in overcoming these barriers.

“We see time and time again how even micro-scholarships have a profound effect on students’ trajectory,” said Misty Chandler, KUEC’s director of student services. “This support can be the vital push nontraditional students need to apply to their program of choice and get started.”

More than $1,000 from the previous campaign went toward supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professional development on campus, aiding in personnel cultural competence and fostering an inclusive atmosphere of learning and collaboration at the Edwards Campus. The DEI committee continues to identify an appropriate piece of artwork and locations to visually portray the campus’ dedication to its values, mission and dedication to education.

“The importance of campus atmosphere is often overlooked when it comes to adult learners,” Chandler said. “An inclusive, supportive environment encourages student collaboration and involvement, which has proven to increase their success.”

Providing support for students and professionals to pursue the next steps in their education and advance their career accelerates the cycle of giving toward the future.

“I will pay it forward, Mossberger said. “I can appreciate putting yourself through school. When I get to the point I am able, I will help other students do the same.”

KUEC continues to focus on the micro-scholarship and DEI priorities for the 2019 campaign. Visit the KU Edwards Campus giving page to learn more about One Day. One KU. and how you can make a difference. Gifts made online, by phone and in person between midnight and 11:59 p.m. CST on Feb. 20 will count toward One Day. One KU.

Follow KU Edwards Campus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay informed of campaign events, online giving opportunities and results.