The top 10 most-read KU Edwards Campus stories of 2020

Edwards Campus students, staff and faculty found new ways to thrive this year, even during uncertain times.

Top 10 most-read stories of 2020 graphic

The last year was full of personal and professional challenges that impacted the KU and Kansas City communities in unexpected ways. Students, faculty, staff and businesses found innovative ways to continue learning and growing in 2020, however, embracing opportunities to gain new skills, engage with diverse perspectives and improve the lives of people around them. Check out these ideas and stories in our most-read blog posts of the year.

Professional skills and advice

What do I say? How to communicate social support, initiate authentic conversations with coworkers during turbulent times

A variety of factors affected how we each responded to the issues of 2020, including the pandemic, the deaths of George Floyd and others, and the fluctuating economy. Try these ideas from organizational communication graduate programs director Angie Pastorek to initiate conversations and learn ways to authentically support colleagues and employees going through difficult circumstances.

How to Become a Registered Behavior Technician

The field of behavioral health services is experiencing increased need, and a shortage of professionals to meet the growing demand. Registered Behavior Technicians, or RBTs, work with Board Certified Behavior Analysts to help individuals with behavioral difficulties receive the care they need. If you’re interested in pursuing a career that helps others improve their lives in measurable ways, you may be interested in a career as an RBT! Find out what it takes to get started in this in-demand, fulfilling profession.

Five lessons to help you move your conference online

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, KU Lifelong & Professional Education was two weeks out from hosting the annual Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference (SPPAC). The 50-year-old conference had to abruptly move programming online. Learn how KU LPE managed to successfully transition this 800+-attendee event to an online space, and how those lessons might apply to your next conference, meeting or event.

KU Edwards Campus student spotlights

‘Lost Boy’ finds home at KU Edwards Campus

Law & Society bachelor’s student Alfred Ring overcame incredible odds to get to the U.S. and put himself through college. Find out more about his incredible, inspiring journey.

First KU Edwards Campus Degree in 3 student graduates

KU’s Degree in 3 program enables students from participating high schools and vocational schools to earn a bachelor’s degree in only three years. In 2020, Eric Fecteau was the first Degree in 3 student to graduate from the KU Edwards Campus, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in just two and a half years. Learn more about Eric and how the Degree in 3 program helped him accomplish his ambitious goals.

Master of Social Work student shares her path to mental health

In her mid-20s, Master of Social Work student Crystle Lampitt experienced a mental health wake-up call that led her to change her entire career path. She shared her experience, and what she learned about our perceptions around mental health and trauma, at the Edwards Campus’ inaugural TEDx event on Nov. 5.

Dual Strengths: KU junior boosts medical career by double-majoring in biology and American Sign Language and Deaf studies

KU junior Noah Johnson is supplementing his medical studies with a degree in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies. A native of Humboldt, Kansas, he plans to use his language skills as a medical professional serving a rural community. Find out more about Noah’s experience learning ASL, and how he’s already applying it to working with patients in his hometown.

KU Edwards Campus community news

Free and low-cost online learning and professional development from KU in KC

Many professionals are still working from home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, developing clear communication styles within your team, learning to be an effective leader and continuing to develop useful skills remain as important as they’ve ever been — especially when meeting the unique challenges of working remotely. If you’re looking for ways to develop professionally in 2021, consider these online learning options from the KU Edwards Campus and KU Lifelong & Professional Education.

University of Kansas launches Digital Marketing Boot Camp

In 2020, the KU Edwards Campus launched the KU Digital Marketing Boot Camp, an 18-week part-time program to help aspiring marketers master the strategic digital skill set needed to meet current business demands. Students receive hands-on training through convenient live online evening and weekend sessions. Learn all about the program and register for the next cohort, beginning on April 21.

KC marketing leader brings her expertise to the classroom

Marketing professional and Search Engine Optimization expert Heather Physioc began sharing her professional expertise with students in KUEC’s master’s degree in integrated marketing communications program in the fall of 2019. Find out more about the in-demand skillset she shares with marketing students looking to boost their careers.

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